Raytheon CEO: Merger with United Technologies will create 70K jobs

73 thoughts on “Raytheon CEO: Merger with United Technologies will create 70K jobs


  2. Love Maria! Sharpest woman on Fox and doesn't have to dress like she's going to a cocktail party to get noticed.

  3. Hedge funds only want weak companies that they can takeover and skim profits. They love 'em and leave 'em.

  4. Imho, they have not provided a compelling enough justification for this merger. Merger of equals? Something does not ring true. What are they hiding?
    Monopoly? Power. 1+1=3? Money, money, money, of course.
    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  5. I know Tom. I used to work for him, as the Program Quality Manager on the ASTOR/Sentinel program. Tom is one of the few people left in America, who has the brains and the guts, to actually run a company… I wish he had been CEO when I was still working…

  6. More jobs means more people can pay their taxes and dont have to rely on government handouts.
    The US once used to a tech giant, but over the last decades, most of it have been shipped overseas, in order to get better prices.
    Trump, on the other hand, has turned that ship around and now the problem is to find enough people to fill the gaps.
    I know its a problem, BUT, you have to admit, it is a GOOD problem, at least.

  7. When a Globalist tells me how good a deal is or how much they care about American workers ,I know its time to bend-over and grab my ankles ,cause a good rogering is coming….This us about PROFIT for the few involved..

  8. Let’s spend more money on war. Yeah! Though I must admit most of the technology created out of wars does benefit everyone.

  9. You'd better shut up about this or AOC will have her protesters out forbidding the creation of 70,000 jobs…

  10. https://www.facebook.com/105259197447/posts/10157740281652448?s=769424552&v=e&sfns=mo

    Please take a look at how CCP do to the protesters in HK now

  11. The very thing Dwight D Eisenhower warned America about before leaving office has come to pass. It's been almost 30 years since the collapse of the Soviets yet here we are with a massive military. Seven hundred fifty BILLION dollar budget. War is big business and business is good for big business or war is good for business people who will never be a target on a battlefield.

  12. Imagine in 50 to a 100 years when all arms manufacturers have been brought up into one company they will rule supreme because no1 will be able to stop them taking over

  13. Gentlemen, Make America Great Again. 
    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on the winners.
    TRUMP 2020!

  14. Once this merger is done can RAYTHEON quit spraying geo-engineering metals ON TOP of us?
    Aluminum, barium, etc

  15. I was bad luck under fake President Obama , I have to go Mexico city to training Mexican technician to lose my job. I lost my job take early retired very low it's terrible!!

  16. Let’s look at 8 Billion dollars to work with between killers for profit? Mr Trump asked for a similar figure for the wall. The Dimwittocrat’s refuse that for the money their “programs” needed to protect those poor voters they have and need more to push their agenda.

  17. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut.[1] It researches, develops, and manufactures products in numerous areas, including aircraft engines, aerospace systems, HVAC, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems, and industrial products, among others. UTC is also a large military contractor, getting about 10% of its revenue from the U.S. government.[4][5] Gregory J. Hayes is the CEO and chairman.[6] On June 9, 2019, UTC announced the intent to merge its defense business with Raytheon.[7].

    The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics. It was previously involved in corporate and special-mission aircraft until early 2007. Raytheon is the world's largest producer of guided missiles.[3] On June 9, 2019, Raytheon announced a merger of equals with the aerospace companies of United Technologies.[4].

    It's a merger of differently skilled potential companies. The goals of the Horizontal are inclined towards USA #MAGA and #KeepAmericaGreat #KeepAmericaFirst and USA Sovereignity, Security.

    Best wishes and vibrant future.

  18. The MAN that made all this reality will get his notary of all his accomplishments…GOD BLESS AMERICA..

  19. Funny…how “big business gets to censor comments”…on Google…..Google needs to be broken up…..

  20. I seriously was considering of buying both companies stock before this merger news came out but i hope it goes successfully

  21. I haven't seen any big company merger that will create 70K jobs but I have seen a lot of big mergers that costs tens of thousands of jobs. If this merger is approved, I can see 70K to 140K people losing their jobs and the excuse would be poor economic forecast. Mergers are often disastrous to a lot of rank and file and many middle managers and it creates too big to fail conglomerates that would suck on the government trough

  22. Raytheon and DOD killed over 50,000 people in Paradise California with DEW's. Maria is an idiot. Combining two giant evil corporations is not good. WTFU

  23. "These Job's are not coming back, we dont have a Magic Wand" Remember, how awful what these disgusting criminal corrupt Politicians & Officials did selling us out and driving the Nation into the ground.
    IMAGINE? "we dont have enough people to fill some of the Job's " how Wonderful !!

  24. As a UTC employee who already tests fire alarms for the F-35 fighter planes, this merger is going to be very interesting one indeed.

  25. Bringing these two great companies together will allow us to screw the industry, especially the military complex much more efficiently and give me and my buddy here a hell of a lot bigger bonuses

  26. I don't know about the deal but I have a lot of respect and appreciation for both of these companies Raytheon guess my greatest fantasy and yeah United Technologies is been there from the Forefront but let's look at the strengths and weaknesses and how these companies can combine himself together but I think they'll be totally strong that's

  27. I'm just guessing I haven't looked at United Technologies for many years but these company today morph into different thanks but United Technologies is a very powerful company

  28. integrating all these companies together while maintaining your ends is going to be another challenge are you open to it

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