Radiographic Test ( RT ) video

Radiographic Test ( RT ) video

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24 thoughts on “Radiographic Test ( RT ) video

  1. think its not safe 2 attach the front cable first i know its locked any way but normally its the back cable which wud be fixed first , any way thx 4 sharing and take care

  2. Why don't you use a shorter guide tube? Less travel of source= lower dose, less chance of having an incident. The use of a collimator would significantly reduce the dose you receive as well. Time distance shielding.

  3. very unsafe practice… just close is running road. they must do such location in work in night… putting passageby life on risk

  4. i see you not take care of some ppl cuz they to close the place where you work and and not safe for them cuz it will risk

  5. laughed my fucking ass off, not a safety boot or survey meter in sight not to mention a collimator, specially so close to a road.
    catch up guys, jeez

  6. Dosimetry? Survey meters? Collimator? I think you guys arent trained and I am worried for your safety and for those around you. Please stop doing radiography this way. You are setting yourself up for a bad accident.

  7. You guys are FUCKING STUPID. You're going to cook yourselves and everyone around you. Please stop practicing industrial radiography.

  8. jeez no work boots no film badge no meter nothing in sight… if state would come up and see this you would no longer have a card.

  9. Where's the radiation area barricade? You can't just have people running around like that during exposures. Come to the states. We'll show you how to do it safely.

  10. Jesus christ… No collimator, guide tube is hooked up before the cranks, my dude is in sandals. Dosimetry, barricade, all lacking. What hell guys? I'm surprised ndt is even required in that piece of shit country. They look so happy though

  11. This is unsafety radiography….Public place…They are doing open radiography…Who are training thats people?

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