Quickie #007 Cheap Welding Table – 22€

Quickie #007 Cheap Welding Table – 22€

Now let’s put the pieces together oh… we’re gonna insert a piece of plywood from the top to give it some strength the plywood is a left-over piece from the DIY market and we’re gonna cut it to the right size now now thät comes on… yes, yes… we need to make some minor adjustments be happy! laugh… are we done? we’re done! are we done? we’re done! burp excuse me… I’m sorry… now the welding table is done! You have to watch us clean this mess up. check out our other videos…

4 thoughts on “Quickie #007 Cheap Welding Table – 22€

  1. Love ur videos guuuys, pls keep it up.
    but that whole accent roleplay u got going on is kinda cringy to watch even for me ;PPPPPPPP

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