Push vs. Pull Methods in MIG Welding

Push vs. Pull Methods in MIG Welding

If you’re a beginner welder, have you ever asked yourself, do I push or do I pull while welding? I’ll be showing
you two examples today of a push method and a
pull method of welding. In most cases, pushing or pulling is up to your personal
preference or comfortability. In some cases, welding
aluminum or welding overhead, you have to do one or the other, but for the most part, it’s up to you which way you wanna weld. For this example, I’ll be using quarter inch cold rolled
steel in a t-joint. My MIG welder is the Millermatic 252, and I’m using 75/25. For this example, I
use the push technique. As you can see, the weld
laid down extremely flat. It seamed like a hot weld, and it was easy to control my dime size, my bead size and puddle size. So in this example, I
used the pull technique and if you notice, I had to haul the mail so I wouldn’t get too
much material buildup. I personally like to use the pull method when I’m filling gaps or uneven surfaces. Regardless of which style
you’re using to weld, whether it’s push or whether it’s pull, you’ll always have a better quality weld if you’re comfortable. So bracing your arms, laying down, bracing your hands while you’re welding will always make you more
comfortable while you’re welding.

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  1. I am really disapointed that Millerwelds permit to diffuse that kind of video. You are supposed to be professionnal ! Come on ! Take examples from Welding tips and tricks or weld.com. Seriously, you need more serious stuff to show. The weaves you made are so outrageously bad !

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