Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go
anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products
and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the
development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together
assemblies in a quality fashion to make sure that the elements are are designed
and manufactured to meet the needs for the application and first and foremost
that the public is is protected. Knowing the theory of welding how
everything works being able to actually demonstrate the welds for people all
while knowing what goes into it how it should be done and ways you can improve
welding overall. The industry focus of welding engineering technology is we
want our students to become plant floor welding engineers so we tailor their
education so that they’re very comfortable in a manufacturing
environment. We try really hard to stay focused on where we think the industry
is currently but also looking in our crystal ball where we think it’s gonna
be because really when a student starts here as a freshman we’re really looking
at four and a half years out before they graduate. The courses in the welding
engineering technology program are very practically based very hands-on.
They are both hands-on and theory based courses they are designed so the student
truly has an understanding of how the welding process works and how to apply
it to a variety of applications. Some of them are more rigorous than others but
again they just better off make you a better welder or a better welding
engineer The equipment that we get to use as
students in welding engineering technology is really good we use a lot
of very current equipment we have a lot of support from from the industry and a
lot of our equipment is donated and replaced on a regular basis. We have
about two and a half million dollars of welding equipment different processes
robotics is an integral part of our curriculum lasers or nickel parts. Our
power supplies are replaced regularly so that the welders they’re working with
our current technology and not twenty or thirty years old they get to work with
different types of automation for example that would be typical of a
number of different industries. All the students here are in the American
Welding Society they provide a lot of good opportunities a lot of scholarships
things like that so it’s really good to be involved and a lot of times they show
us career opportunities that are coming up and what’s out in welding. We do a lot
of things for the Salvation Army we ring the bell at Walmart before Christmas we
do a cleanup along the river and all these students are highly encouraged to
be a part of it and to my knowledge almost everybody is it’s an easy thing to be a part of and it’s it just feels good to be a part
of something that helps the community and the industry. The welding program has
been very involved with building a lot of art sculptural work around the Big
Rapids community around Mecosta County, and really quite frankly one of my
colleagues professor Dave Maria’s has been the point person on that he teaches
one of our second year fabrication courses and and he has an interest in
art and sculpture he’s worked with numerous artists in the community,
numerous school systems, and most recently several major projects he’s
worked with one of our professors Robert Bynum very talented artists those two
faculty members have a relationship work professor Farnum creates the general
idea of what the sculpture is going to be and professor Murray and his students
translate that into hardware. Welding is important because it joins
two pieces of metal together and when you’re building and designing multiple
structures with different types of material and using different shapes but
it can be easier and also be stronger. You almost can’t escape welding and the
last thing you want to have to do is worry about it and worry about whether
the welds are good or bad and so that’s why a good welding engineer is so
critical for components. My favorite part of working as a professor here at
Ferris State in the welding program is getting to see the students grow and
develop. Everything I’ve been learning here theory wise has been way over what
I could have gotten in a Community College. Things that we learn aren’t just
straight book work it really applies very much on the floor all the time. So
when I got here I knew that’s it what I wanted to do. Students
interested in the Ferris State University welding programs can contact
our welding office at (231-591-2511) or they can
access information on the web at

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  1. this should be in HD, these "tdmp" students should have more money to make some more amazing content. it looks like you guys used sorenson squeeze to make this stuff

  2. Ferris State has a World-Class Welding Engineering Technology program. America needs more programs like this as an Opportunity for Industry Successes.

    T J Vanderloop, AWS Member & Author

  3. Is there a possibility of lateral entry to the WE program for experienced Professionals ? I am AWS- Certified Welding Inspector having 15 years experience in Welding & NDT Inspection and QC functions in Large Construction Projects. Appreciate any pertinent information, thanks

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