Powerfix Pocket hole Kit – HIDDEN WOODEN SCREW JOINTS KIT PSVH 56 A1

Powerfix Pocket hole Kit – HIDDEN WOODEN SCREW JOINTS KIT PSVH 56 A1

Hello, welcome to my garage today we are going to do the Unboxing and Review, of this set from Powerfix for hidden wooden screw joints the so-called as Pocket-hole let’s start the Unboxing inside we have the instructions manual the drilling jig HSS step drill of ∅ 9.5 mm with a length of 180 mm the depth stop a Allen key for the depth stop bit attachment with a length of 150 mm the clamp and then, we have 40 screws, 10 of each all of 4mm thick the 25 30 40 and 60mm of length and also 10 screw head covers to use this set is very simple just measure the thickness of the wood with the jig or a measuring tape but in this case press the limit stop on the drilling jig downwards, and using the scale you can measure the thickness of the wood has you can see, this OSB has 15mm after that you need to adjust the jig for the right thickness in this case is 15mm so, use the 12 is scaled to 12,19, 27 or 38mm of thickness so let’s adjust the jig form 12 to 18mm we’ll use the 12 from 19 to 26, use the 19. from 27 to 37, use the 27. Always use the previous one in this case for the 15mm i’ll use the 12 press on the side and adjust for the right thickness then the step drill needs to be adjusted as you can see we have the step drill drawing we have to align this with the drawing then align the depth stop with this part as it is for 12 it’s here if it was 19 mm would be adjusted back here let’s adjusts for 12 again at this time, i’ll press this downwards and place it here then use this clamp to hold the jig and now using the cordless drill make the drill hole let’s make another one and it’s done, as you can see, it’s reasonable. let’s now screw it together to screw, i’ll put it together for wood from 12 to 18 mm, it’s advise the 25mm screw let’s use this bit, that it’s very useful for screwing a larger box so the drill has space to screw let’s screw here it is, as you can see, it’s tight together quite solid and the screw didn’t go through, it’s the right fit the only problem on this set is the screw it shouldn’t have thread all the way and it should be a lat head, to be a strong fit and with this we are at the end hop you enjoyed, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

8 thoughts on “Powerfix Pocket hole Kit – HIDDEN WOODEN SCREW JOINTS KIT PSVH 56 A1

  1. Bom vídeo, será que a quantidade da powfix , é tão boa como os jigs da wolfcraf gostaria de saber a tua opinião,um abraço 👌👌👌

  2. Boas! Ja uso ha mtos anos o da wolcraft, tb tenho esse do lidl. A meu ver os furos do wolcraf sao mais perfeitos, mas top mesmo sao os da marca kreg jig made in usa. Vai ao site deles se aimda nao conheces tem mtas ideias para usares em diversos projectos. Um abraço!

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