Portal – Metal Gear Turret

Portal – Metal Gear Turret

-music starts- -turrets start singing- -music intenses- -turrets stop singing- -turrets start singing again->-

100 thoughts on “Portal – Metal Gear Turret

  1. Hey, has aperture ever thought of making aperture brand anti-grav guns? Just to get back at Black Mesa…

  2. I’ve been asking myself this about 20 times every time I watch your awesome video and I want to ask if you are the creator of portal and portal 2 I hope u are

  3. While REX is the fan favourite, I think that RAY would fit the aesthetic of Aperture more, just paint it white.

  4. My dad is directing a movie can I use this song for a epic scene please I am looking for a epic song for my dad

  5. Play the Speed with speed at 1.25 then set it back to normal at 1:32.
    Y’know what would improve the orchestra Noises from the Half-Life 2 Turrets and Team Fortress 2 Sentry Guns Mini, Lvl 1 through 3.

  6. Were I the only one who expected that Aperture Science Giant Turret Robot to say "Hello!" with that beautiful tiny turret voice?

  7. Guys what if this is literally the plot of HL3, where GLaDOS just comes out of the underground with the full might of all Aperture's crazy stuff and just wipes the Combine out of existence

  8. Colonel Core: Turret #50712 do you copy? Your mission is to infiltrate the facility and disable GLaDOs, the weapon to surpass Metal Core

  9. The Metal Gear Solid theme was already epic. Even more so on the PS2 game. This crossover of franchises, with the metallic choir, the piercing whistles towards the crescendo (I've no idea what I'm talking about with music, lol)… the point is, I'd love to see the reaction of someone like Kojima or the creators of Portal looking at this and saying "Yeah…. this works."

    This is just spectacularly done and I could listen to this rendition of the theme for hours. The raising of the Metal Gear is fantastic and gives me chills each time.

  10. "Welcome to Apperture science, everyone. You al met eachother on the minibus over and first off we'll be heading off to the manufacturing wing."
    "hey look at that a singing robot"
    "Actually kid that robot there is the Most Efficiant Home Defence and Offence unit ever created."
    "but why's it singing"
    "A mere glitch in the system being worked out."
    halo theme noises

  11. Why not let Half-Life 2 Combine Turrets & Team Fortress 2 Sentries Mini, Lvl. 1, Lvl. 2, & Lvl. 3 join in? I bet it would sound better.

  12. Aperture: So, we'll build a platform, going at 0.5 km/h, on a rail, with the starting point 100 kilometres away from the upgrade bay.
    Aperture's Director: Sure, sounds good.

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