Polyvance Bumper Workstation – Bumper Mate 2

Polyvance Bumper Workstation – Bumper Mate 2

Hi I’m Kurt Lammon with Polyvance. I’m introducing the new Bumper Mate 2. This is a bumper repair stand that sits on the
common X stand that’s found in the body shops. This fits bumpers and headlights. The first thing I’m going to show you is how
to fold it apart and put it on the stand. The Bumper Mate 2 is made of wood
and aluminum extrusions. It folds up into a very compact shape. It only weighs twelve pounds. To unfold it, you simply fold it open like that, you
slide this across so that it connects the two halves. And you have the extension arms that insert here. It’s all made in the United States. It’s ready to go on the X stand now. Once you have the Bumper Mate folded out,
you simply place it on top of the stand, and it’s ready to go. So, you can hold the bumpers in many different ways. Of course most commonly, lay it on here –
you can clip them, too. Like that! And it can fit different sized bumpers;
this is a Chevy Sonic bumper. Even a Cadillac Escalade fits on this. Again, just place it on the table and clip
it down to the extension arms, and that allows you to, again, access any of the tabs or any parts of the inside of the bumper here. Sometimes you need to hold the bumper with
the face down, and to do that, you can simply take your table and set it down here on the chains. Then use a clip, clip the table here, that
allows you to put your bumper down in here and hold it solidly like that. So now you can get access to the inside or
any of the tabs. Now we’ll show how to put the
Escalade bumper face down. Again, set it down there and it kind of locks
in, but again it’s a little bit unstable, so we’ll use the bungee cords and wrap them around here. And that will provide a little stability,
locking them to the table so that you can work on it. Headlights are very expensive and they can
be repaired with the nitrogen plastic welder, but you need a way to hold them down. These are hard to get in position, so with
the Bumper Mate, we have some holes in here to allow you to kind of fixture
the headlight, get it stabilized. We’re going to weld this tab on here in a
little while, but again, using the bungee cords I can strap the headlight down to the table. And that way it’s not going to be rocking
on me as I do my repair work. So now it’s stable and I can do my prep work,
and I can weld my tab back on.

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