Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a Snowmobile Hood with a plastic welder

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a Snowmobile Hood with a plastic welder

Hello everyone, My name is Bruce Lecky.
I’m with Drader Manufacturing. And today I’m going to repair this
plastic snow mobile hood with the
Drader Injectiweld plastic welder. I’m going to
take a look at the damage. The first damage on this part, the major damage is this tear right here. And this piece right here
needs to be repaired. We can repair it quite easily. Although it’s a got some oil on.
So I have to clean that off. And right here there is a tab that
is broken off. We can repair that. And I’m going to show you
some other damage on other parts. Here is a tab right underneath
of this wiring harness that’s broken. And I can use the Injectiweld
to repair this one. The front of the
snow mobile machine hood is broken as well
so we’ll repair these grills. The tab on this hood is
completely broken away. We are going to take it and we’re going
to weld it straight across here just to fix it into place permanently. Here it’s another piece
that needs to be repaired. I’m going to
try to figure out what type of plastic this
is by taking a little piece off. Then I’m going to do a test on it. All right! Now I’m going to take
this piece of plastic and set it afire. So I can smell the smoke. Hmmm!
Smells like polypropylene to me. Polypropylene smells like
the back end of a diesel bus. All right. I’m going to have to clean this
area because it got a lot of oil in it. So I’ve got some alcohol cleaner. All right. First off I’m going to reduce the stress
by taking the Injectiweld and melting a hole
right at the base of the crack. All right. Now I’m going to tack it. A second tack right around here. I’m going to go extra slow in order to weld right down into the weld zone. I’m going to let that cool. All right.
Now I’m going to repair this tab now. First, make a spot weld
to hold it into place. And one more spot over here. Good! All right! Here it’s the next one
right here that I will do. Just little spot welds. I’m just feathering the trigger because I don’t need
obviously much to do here. All right!
Now I’m going to take these grill fingers and
actually weld them into place. Just going to spot weld this one first. I’m just going to trim off
these spot welds a little bit. Make my next pass easier. Good! Now I’m ready to weld
all the way through there. All right. I’ve really
slowed down the welder in order to get a real deep melt
into the polypropylene. And now I’ll do the other rib. See, this part right here.
I’m going to trim this off. Now for this little tab that we
are going to fix it into place. This part next I’m going to start
by the back side. Built it up just a bit. And I can trim it off. I’m just going to trim this off. Now that’s good. Now I’m just going to
weld onto the front side. Now I’m going to use my Drader
Stick Scraper in order to remove some of the label underneath this crack
that we welded from the back side. And I’ve got the welder
turned down nice and low. Slow that is. In order to get a really good
front side melt. Just going to clean that area a little bit. Good! Now I’m going to trim this. Now this is really very very strong. As strong as the plastic
was in the first place.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. Do not expose yourself to any additional hazards. Products are not always stamped with the material type. If this is the case, there are few options to identify the material. Send a sample to Drader Manufacturing for identification.

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  4. @hanafi tanudjaya Yes, Drader Injectiweld can weld many different types of plastic such as Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP), ABS, Polyethylene (PE) / HDPE / MDPE / LDPE, NYLON, etc.  What kind of use do you need a reliable plastic welder like ours for?  We stay in touch.  Best regards, Drader Injectiweld Team.

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