Plastic Welding – How to Weld Plastic Instructional Video – Trimfix Australia

Plastic Welding – How to Weld Plastic Instructional Video – Trimfix Australia

in this video we going to show you the
critical steps to making strong and durable welds to a whole range of
plastic parts first you need to identify what type of plastic your welding now
some plastic parts have this embossed into the back you’ll notice this has
letters inside of inward facing arrow brackets. now if you can’t find these letters is inside of arrow brackets on your part and that’s okay you need to use a
plastic identification test kit to conduct a test weld and here is how. first on the backside of your plastic part scrape off a little bit of the outside
oxidized plastic then choose some plastic welding rods inside of your test
kit that is similar in Flex and rigidity to your plastic part now each of the
plastics inside of the test kit are clearly label that way once you find a
plastic that sticks to your part you know exactly what plastic you’re working
with as you can see the first plastic
actually peeled straight off and this plastic stick actually broke before the
weld did this means that the material that this plastic stick was made from is a perfect match
to this plastic weld now we know what material we’re welding with we can get
started welding scrap off the old oxidized layer of your plastic
preferably making a V groove to weld into Now if your welding two pieces back
together like in this video it’s a good idea to make a quick tack weld just to
hold the plastics together until you conduct your actual weld you can do this
using either a soldering iron or taking tips now you can start welding start by welding either round or triangle rod into the groove that you have created apply eighty percent of your
heat to the plastic rod and around about 20% of the heat to the serface you are welding to. do this using a rocking motion this is called the pendulum weld and finally weld some flat strap plastic welding rod onto the back of your repair to make it extra strong. And there you have it now you are ready for sanding and painting. you can use this technique on any plastic part to get
strong durable results. all the tools you have seen in this video are available at
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have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. we will be more
than happy to answer your questions and help you with your next plastic weld. from
the team at trimfix supplies – the leaders in mobile trim restoration and
plastic welding supplies thanks for watching

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