Plastic Kayak Patch Kit – Canoe Repair KC Welder

Plastic Kayak Patch Kit – Canoe Repair KC Welder

This video will show how to use Polyvance’s
KC Welder to repair a cracked kayak. Included with the KC Welder is some
stainless steel reinforcing mesh. Cut the mesh to fit over the crack by
about an inch all the way around. Melt the mesh into the plastic. Doing this is similar to putting rebar into concrete. Don’t push too hard, though; this is a slow process. Allow time for the heat to soften the plastic
before you push the mesh into the plastic. The mesh may want to pop out of the melted plastic, so use a screwdriver to hold the mesh under
the plastic until it cools off and turns solid. Apply the filler rod by pre-melting one side of the rod. Flip the filler rod over so that the
melted side sticks to the kayak, and then cut off the tip of the rod with the edge
of the welder tip and smear the rod around. Keep adding more material while the plastic is still hot. Continue adding new material until you are
confident that it will be strong enough. While the plastic is still hot, contour the
plastic by ironing down the soft plastic. Allow plenty of time for the plastic to cool completely. The repair is complete and functional
even though it doesn’t look great. Now let’s see what we can do to make it look better. If you have a DA sander, then shape the plastic with 80 grit sandpaper, and then get it smoother with 180 grit. You can get rid of that white look with a heat gun. Get a heat gun really hot and make some slow
passes over the surface to flow out the plastic and get rid of the white look. It won’t feel much smoother, but it will look a lot better.

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  2. I have an Ascend FS10 kayak and it has a 3" crack on the bottom where the right rear foot of the seat contacts the hull. Should I use the repair on the inside or outside of the hull…or do the repair to both inside AND outside?? Or does it matter? Looks like the best repair kit I've seen. I didn't see the Ascend kayak in your list…will this kit work on an Ascend?

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