Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks – When To Replace Consumables & Troubleshooting – Eastwood

Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks –  When To Replace Consumables & Troubleshooting – Eastwood

hey guys Matt for me slow over here doing another live technical demo and eastwood garage today is a morning version so if you guys got your coffee out watching us a little bit today we’re doing a little tech session on plasma cutting so I was showing here doing a quick cut on with the versaclock 60 is three-quarter inch metal that was cutting with and I wanted to give you guys some tips and tricks we get in our tech line and in our walking customers that come into a retail store we get some things that will happen to their weapons to the plasma cutters of questions they may have I want to try and get you guys information ahead of time so you haven’t watched one of these before we want it to be as interactive as possible so Randy it does a lot of our videos here on the laptop he’s answering questions live to you guys you may have if you have any uh any of the heath thinks we should answer on camera he’s going to throw them over to me I’ll answer them live again the topic today is plasma cutting so we’ll probably covering mainly questions about that again like share send it over to your friends for anybody think that might see this is useful so they can also watch on youtube and facebook so plasma cutting if you haven’t if you’re not familiar with plasma cutting what the process is we have a lot of really great videos on eastwood channel usernames Eastwood co make sure you give us subscribe to our channel we have around a lot of great videos on there to showing how a plasma cutter works i’m going to get past that and just get into some trouble shooting with your machine and some tips to make your teamwork better or last longer so with your torch probably the number one thing that I see is the consumables lot of people don’t realize it but the consumables in the the plasma torch making sure this isn’t ridiculously hot still but the consumers and a plasma torch they go bad or get used up the quickest this this nozzle here these will go bad too much except you getting really really hot splatter on them they can but they don’t go necessarily bad what you’re going to see is the sky right here let me show you a bad one the second this is a fresh when i put in that we were just cutting within the beginning and so that guy right there so these two pieces the 1i just held up in this one are actually what goes bad probably the most often how long they will last week we get customers they ask that and that’s to so many variables that can cause that it’s really hard to say what I will tell you is a couple things that will make them die a quick death so on your machine there is air pressure and there is your amperage for power on the machine what will make these die a quick a quick sudden death is if you turn your air pressure way down so on this machine here will get Joe to get in there were right I was just a little over 60 psi for our our pressure and so that when you turn that pressure it’s a if you have an air compressor that is to look is a I don’t know not up to snuff you could say or or maybe just have your compressor turn down too low where you have just the dial right on the machine turned down too well and you’re trying to cut something thick and you got the amperage turned way up so right now I had the Machine pretty much turned all the way up here comes some pretty heavy metal there in the beginning and I have the air pressure about the max what it what it should be so if we had that air pressure say down it like 15 or 10 what it’s going to do is it’s just going to burn those tips right out in a heartbeat very quickly arm so what you experience when you see that when that starts happening or you burn out the tip it will act as if you have a bad ground so you’ll you’ll want to try and start a narc you here at dancing around inside the inside a torch but it’s just not striking in art and and you won’t be cutting but you’re here something’s going on first thing to do is take this apart and take a look at those if you did try and do that with no air pressure or really low air pressure and high amperage it’s done for you might as well as changes Alex you probably burned out and it happens very quickly quickly and you can think of the other thing that can happen and just from general use I have a tip here do we we did a couple of cuts with the on some thicker metal but you can see this hole in the center there its egg down a little bit so this is just normal use of the torch that’s what happens it’s going to have happened much more quickly if you’re doing thicker cutting that’s a higher amperage in the air pressure is higher because it’s just so much more heat the Ark is just so much hotter and you’re also getting a lot of sweater and heat from what you’re cutting just do the nature of how thick the metal is that’s going to have that happen if you start seeing this egg out pretty large you’re going to start seeing your arc is going to wander it’s gonna be hard to follow a line so if you’re cutting something we’re actually gonna cut a shape or align it’s really difficult to hold that line because the Ark is unstable and it’s either jumping around it’s coming out of that it’s coming out of the the tip here at a weird angle that can cause that the other you can make these died pretty quickly now our tips we get often a lot of times I see questions that come up on our reviews and things like that that people ask can you drag the torch did you do these drag tips so what what they’re asking for itself familiar can you put this right down the middle like this and drag it across you need to be a little bit above where can you put it right down on it and drag it right across the metal the answer is yes you you can drag these tips and it’s not a problem you can cut with them what you do it there’s nothing wrong with it but what that does is it kills the consumables i wanna see twice as fast but probably twice as fast because you’re just putting that right in the war zone on that metal it’s going to make these tips where a lot faster some people like doing that just because it helps with their accuracy where they can’t get comfortable holding her hand their hands are armed I like to try and start by taught by keeping it either touching or just above and I’ll go across to make the cut but i usually try and keep it just a little bit above the metal I don’t drag it too often unless it’s something where I’m at a position or made from wells are i’m cutting something that’s like rusty old floor pans out and I’m just I can’t get in there so let’s drag that the torch but you just have to realize that these consumers are going to wear out a lot faster because of that you’re going to get all the slag and everything that comes back right onto this tip and it’s going to hang out that whole really fast so that’s what’s got what can kill these really quick you can see on this one that that was the matching part where the actual electrode or the electrical charge is coming out i’m right in the center that little dot if you start seeing that divot getting pretty deep and getting large whatwhat’s there isn’t too bad you still get a lot of a fair amount of life out of this but if you start seeing a nice little crater going in there that’s when it’s probably time and you’re getting that instead market people i’m having trouble initiating an arc I would swap one of these out first and see what it does this one’s easy to tell when it goes bad because if you see the holes egg powder is really large it’s time to replace it so that’s not that’s a couple things that can they can cause this to go bad much more quickly you have any questions at all this morning and it’s early no we we don’t have any questions what we have got some questions but they’ve been fairly easy got better well thank you guys for answering actually look the one question was about the air separator can we flip kanjo flip around and just show the one that’s on the wall you know I mean don’t mind our mops brooms and brother that’s this is our behind-the-scenes yeah so i’m going to jump over here so somebody asked what they wanted to see what we’re using here so there is an adjustable air regulator right on our plasma cutter which makes it really nice but you can also have a separator you can keep are you know you can have your adjustment on the wall and have your moisture separator our machines generally have a moisture separator built into them as well but you really need to have something because you need to have Queen dry air that’s another thing that’s going to cause an ark to be not nearly as stable is you’re going to if you start getting moisture introducing moisture into the airline’s you’re going to start bouncing around you have trouble starting an arc it’s going to be spending a lot more when you’re making cuts that’s going to be definitely bad so if you have just a smaller cheaper oil this compressor that puts out a lot of moisture because it’s running pretty nuts runnin hard to keep up what you can do is we saw some last-chance water separators if you don’t want to get involved in buying their a little costly but they’re totally worth the money the mountain ones we have a last-chance separators that basically plug right on your airline before you plug it into the back the Machine sacrificial they will only last for so long but they will separate a lot of that moisture out before it gets into your machine what your help the other thing we sell its really great for painting but you can use it for the plasma cutter if you’re having problem with mr. getting the line we sell a desiccant snake those things are awesome they work great i highly suggest you use one of them if you have a small air compressor if you’re painting using HVLP gun use one of those but you can also use one of them for your plasma cutter same thing you plug in and it’s filled with desiccate it’s going to suck up a good percentage of that moisture and keep you from having issues with moisture in the air lines so researchers keywords on a website will pop right up I don’t think we put them on the main page but desiccant snake and a last-chance air filter it’s like a little black ball that you plug right on the bottom we use it with our powder guns pretty often but there are two good ones that’s a great a great question somebody had about that so so that was our main tips that I just wanted to go over with the Machine the questions that we get pretty often short and sweet if you guys have any other ideas for future broadcast that you’d like to see us go over whether it’s a product to topic working on the project make sure you you tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday and we doing are we working on car friday again there’s a chance we’ll be working on the car right but we probably next friday is going tomorrow at three is how to winterize your car yes alright three how to winterize your car for both like storage for like restored cars or um with our daily driver so we can give some tips like especially in northeast on on how do you know just winterize your daily driver and then next Friday we’ll probably working on the camaro again working on the door skin we’re putting the door skins on the camaro so next friday you’re going to see that possibly this friday but we’re sending the camera crew out to a local shop though i think i’m going to be the only one here at so maybe hard to go live with just me so if you guys are familiar we’ve been working on fridays cody has his Camaro back here that is is a little rough and he’s taking something most people throw away and he’s going to turn it into a nice driver so they’ve been doing a lot of live videos working on the car together and showing you guys real life what happens when you run into working on these cars so make sure you check that out on fridays out that’s awesome showing some real some real work so thanks everybody for watching gonna finish cutting here and i’ll catch you guys later

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  1. One of the most essential tools in the shop. A good plasma cutter is worth its weight in gold!. It excels in removing rusted out floor pans and quarters. Very low impact on a rusty and frail car,neat edges and allows creeping up on a flange cuts. Clean dry air makes all the difference, cuts like a dog with dirty damp air.

  2. you guys should come up with some sort of chart from how much amperag to cut certain thickness of metals. itd be very helpful to make the consumables last better

  3. When making videos of things like a worn out tip, DON'T hold it still. Rotate the item left & right, up & down a bit to give us a 3-D perspective. Matt said it was "egged out." If you'd turned it sideways, we'd get an idea of what that means.
    Also, show us what the ARC looks like when something is wrong. You talked about indications of the arc jumping all around due to a worn tip and spitting when there's water in the line. SHOW examples.

  4. PLEASE, get to the point. I watched this video to see if I had air pressure problem, or a consumable problem…no help here.

  5. I do realize how this video is it's still it's like you made it yesterday for people like me that are beginners I just bought a plasma cutter no clue and you are excellent at the quality of explaining things in layman's terms which is really cool dude that means I understand it I can barely read and write I'm old sick and handicapped and before the haters out there they open their mouths I want to say up yours I'm having as much fun if not more than you are thank you for this video excellent excellent quality done excellent excellent excellent explanations and a great teacher thank you so much God bless

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