Plasma Cutter in Ultra Slow Motion at 30,000 Frames Per Second [ Quick Clip ]

Plasma Cutter in Ultra Slow Motion at 30,000 Frames Per Second [ Quick Clip ]

Welcome to this Quick Clip episode of warped
perception. I was scrolling through the comments. Of our electricity and water video the other
day. And I noticed. That some people were talking about. Electrical arcing. Ions. And plasma. And it just so happens. Recently I filmed my plasma cutter. At 80 amps. Cutting through some Solid Stainless Steel
bar. And some mild steel bar. I figured that I would dig up that clip. And show it to everybody. For Your Entertainment and your education. Now if you don’t know what a plasma cutter
is. Or what it’s used for. Well it’s used to cut metal. Pretty much just like this. Let me get my hood down. Yep and that’s what
a plasma cutter does. So without further adieu. Here it is. My plasma cutter. Filmed in Ultra Slow Motion. with the Phantom
v2512 at 30000 frames per second. Hopefully you enjoyed that video. If you want any more quick clips like this. Or viewer requests. Don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments
below. Because we do listen to our viewers. Just like we did in this video. So I hope you enjoyed it. And that’s about it. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.

89 thoughts on “Plasma Cutter in Ultra Slow Motion at 30,000 Frames Per Second [ Quick Clip ]

  1. So, what's happening into the nozzle ? The cathode is in the nozzle and the anode is the clamp or the cathode and the anode are in the nozzle and the clamp serves as ground ?

  2. Good stuff! Still patiently waiting for the demise of the nitro engine, though..

  3. Plasma in ultra slo mo is definitely the coolest thing I've seen today!!! Another awesome vid!!! 🙂

  4. How about doing 2 clips of AC arc vs DC arc? This would be useful to show why DC arcs are dangerous and not self-extinguishing, but AC arcs cut off between each half of the cycle. This would help to explain why you don't use AC breakers for DC.

  5. @Warped perception This channel deserves ways more viewers and subscribers than its getting right now. Love the content and video quality. Keep up the good work.

  6. Watch April Wilkerson video, she makes the best cuts with that tool I have ever seen. You do great videos yourself.

  7. I love the way you put increasingly faster frame speeds – It makes the phenomenon comprehension much easier. At "slower" speeds you see the air stream dragging liquid metal around, but when you speed it up to 30kfps you actually see the air stream itself slowed down.
    Keep up the good work, it's quite educative and enjoyable to watch =)

  8. Great video! Subscribing! Can we see some welding in slow motion? The metal in liquid form was awesome to watch move. And the lines left in the uncut material were equally as interesting.

  9. plz make video on spark plug and pulstar spark plug so that we can what exactly happens which provides the max output

  10. I used a plasma cutter in welding class when I was in high school…..was so cool and easy to use. seeing it slowed down like that is pretty freakin awesome. great video, thanks.

  11. Plasma cutters gave me hearing loss because my ag mech teacher doesn't pass out earplugs, or any sort of ear protection.

  12. After 14 years of plasma cutting, I've never seen it done in ultra slow motion.  So cool!  Thanks for capturing and sharing this clip using the Powermax85 plasma system from Hypertherm.

  13. some of the slow-motion plasma ejections periodically bursting out from the cut stainless steel reminded of the Mass Coronal Ejections filmed leaving the sun (often shown being released from the sun behind an ecliptic disk) – I wonder if you could replicate a sun with Coronal Mass Ejections like that using your plasma cutter somehow?

  14. Soooooooooo sick! Iv tried finding a video like this for a long time now finally! Can you possibly do a clip of the arc igniting? As in filming the torch tip as you fire the torch. Awesome video!

  15. YES I ENJYED THIS, could watch it for hours, could you do an old school electric motor with the exposed brushed, then we can see sparks from it engaging the various magnets in super slow motion, thanks!

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