Planes, Trains & Automobiles (3/10) Movie CLIP – Melted Speedometer (1987) HD

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  1. The car was just fine for highway travel. It was a convertible anyway. All that was missing was the rag on top.

  2. Supposedly, Neal and Del get arrested and are sent to jail witch explains the bruise on Del's left eye when he get's the ride from the truck driver. I'm starting to wonder if we well ever get to see the three hour version of this film. Most of the footage is probably deteriorating, so Paramount!!! hurry up and get it out of the vault, roll up your sleeves and get your lazy behind to the editing room and start working on the footage before it is too late.

  3. Yeah, this is definitely an alternate take of the scene-same dialogue, but delivered with different cadence. I also wonder why the "airline food" scene never made the final cut. A funny scene which doesn't go on very long, and helps to explain Steve Martin's exasperation later on in the motel room.

  4. And one he'd probably like to forget, Short Circuit 2!

    He's been in a lot of stuff, I think he was in Friends very, very briefly too but I'm too lazy to google it 😉

  5. It wasn't pretty to look at before the fire with that ugly green just like the station wagon from National Lampoons Vacation.

  6. John Candy, Steve Martin, and whoever played the cop are the funniest threesome I have ever seen.  I watch it every year with my whole family!

  7. I can't believe that Neil let Del drive the car. Del nearly killed them both the night before, when he got rammed between the two trucks. I would rather walk the rest of the way back to Chicago than put my life in danger simply for a thanksgiving meal.

  8. ok so without sounding like I'm looking for compliments here is my quick story. Ever since I was a kid..this movie stuck with me. One of those films that we all know from our childhood…this one (one of many) stuck with me. Long story short I watch this by myself or with friends every T-giving eve or close to it. Laughs, great acting, the soundtrack kicks ass…and its a buddy comedy road trip holiday film…..BY JOHN HUGHES!!!! Well two and a half years ago I lost my home and EVERYTHING in it to a house fire…I was devastated…to say the least. Without going into detail I was pretty bad for a few months…nothing serious just really depressed and not really digging life. Cut to November around the holidays and my few close friends got together and threw me a "friends" thanksgiving….complete with all of us watching this film…some of them never seeing it. For the first time in a few months I laughed….hard. All the memories of this film small…big…those "oh I never noticed that even though I did but was too nerded out to tell my friends that because I have seen this film a million times…anyway…this film holds a special place in my heart…really….and I love it and all who appreciate it as much as I do. Qapla! Thank you P,T,&A for…for making me laugh when I needed it most. 🙂
    R Smith
    Cape Cod, MA

  9. this scene was originally longer.

    Del mentions he and Neal are heading to Chicago. The patrolman explains they have overshot Chicago by 100 miles.

    Del thought Chicago was 100 miles ahead of them when really they are 100 miles ahead of Chicago. Neal and Del get into a huge argument on the highway.

    A clip can be seen in the trailer where Neal says "two happy clams just whistling down the road."

  10. How could anyone keep a straight face when JC says ''yes i do, i really do…i believe that….I know it's not pretty to look at, but it'll get you where you want to go'' The late John Candy had a great comedic delivery, Chevy Chase is also a master of making innocuous dialog hilarious….

  11. John Candy was one of the few comedians who could make anything he said or did funny. What a great guy who made us all laugh and it's really sad that he died so young. ?

  12. John Candy is so good in this movie, you don't realize that's he acting. He makes the character of Del absolutely real with no winking at the audience.

  13. So typical in the movies,when someone is "busted," they try their best to get out of it by cajoling the authorities.

  14. That poor car, I hope it got fixed and resold after the shooting. I hate seeing real cars destroyed just to shoot a movie.

  15. Love the realism of the movie and John and Steve are the best. The rotting of the Chrysler is the first sign of America being shit on by our corporations using so called steel made on the dirt floors of China. As if that weren't bad enough the greedy bastards then took your jobs and shipped them back to China to bankrupt you and make themselves even greedier and greedier. I want these people to pay and I mean pay for killing 75 million Americans so they could look at you and mock you. These people who are running this county are a bunch of sick Fascists. If they could murder you right now they would and then laugh at you and our family for being poor. They believe that God made them rich o purpose to subvert you and make you slaves.

  16. That's a Wisconsin State Trooper….how did they get stopped by WI trooper when they were traveling from st. Louis to Chicago????

  17. This scene is just epic. John Hughes and Candy just made some great movies together back then. Sadly, you just dont see that nowadays.

  18. “Well funnily enough I was just talking to my friend about it, our speedometer is melted and as a result it’s very difficult to judge how fast we were going with any degree of accuracy”

  19. Holy crapp, it's a young version of Chuck, and the guy from Spinal Tap – in one of my favourite movies.
    (I guess I am old as ****)

  20. They were meant to drive from St. Louis to Chicago. Stayed a night in between and end up detouring to Wisconsin in this condition of a car.

  21. When I was about 17 I owned a very cobbled together 1966 volkswagen convertible. My friend and I took it to an affluent town on the north shore in the suburbs of Chicago. We got pulled over by a police officer. My buddy looked about as comfortable as Steve Martin did here. The cop walks up to us and the first things he asks is “Have you guys ever seen the movie Planes Trains and Automobiles ?” I replied that I had. He said “all you’re missing here is a burning back seat. I saw you guys rolling down the street and thought to myself , ‘what the hell are these guys driving”? He asked me to get out of the car. After showing him my license he took me around my poor VW and pointed out all of the deficiencies (the flapping fenders, the vertical license plate, etc, with a considerable amount of humor. He told us to have a nice day and please, don’t come back to his town with this heap. This was in about 1992, I did eventually get that VW fixed up and sure wish I still had it. My buddy and I still laugh about that day.

  22. At 1:21 when Neal learns the car's getting impounded & he's crushed over it, you can see Dale try to quickly comfort & reassure him. He's wanting Neal to know he's gonna get him home, because he said he would. The movie is filled with little things like that which makes me love that character & their friendship even more, esp considering what we learn about Dale in the end.

    I've also noticed a lot of women don't seem to like this movie as much as guys. I think its because they don't understand that many times this is how men bond. They'll fight & maybe even hate each other at first, then become lifelong friends. So this is the ultimate movie in this regard & its a foreign concept to many women I think.

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  24. Couple of things about this scene, the cop is wearing a Wisconsin state trooper uniform and it was supposed to be part of a deleted scene where they ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up in Wisconsin, and that courthouse in the last scene is the courthouse in Woodstock Illinois, aka Punxsutawney in the movie groundhogs day.

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