Pipeline Welding Requires a Durable Machine

Pipeline Welding Requires a Durable Machine

I’m a Local 798 Pipeline Welder and we travel all over the
country building pipelines. Generally, we have two to
three days to get there, sometimes a little longer depending on the distance of the job. And if you’re gonna drive 2,000
miles, when you get there, you need a welding
machine that’s gonna work. We generally work 6-10s, that’s kinda the Pipeliner 40. Typical work week is 60 hours, so we’re out there working hard. In all parts of the country, you might be in sub-zero conditions,
it could be 110 degrees, and that’s the beauty of PipePro 400, is it welds the same,
no matter where you’re at in the country. If you start out in the
beginnin’ of the day on 50 on your box, you’re gonna be on 50 at the end of the day. The competitor’s machine, you start at 50 in the morning, that
machine’s gonna slowly lose heat throughout the day. You’re gonna have to be
continually turnin’ it up, turnin’ it up throughout the day. Now the following day, if you’re running on one of the competitor’s machines, you better turn it down or you’ll blow the bevels off. We’re not constantly
tinkering on our equipment to keep it running throughout the day, and throughout the week,
throughout the month, throughout the job. The Dynamic DIG on this PipePro 400 is smoother, there’s more arc control, and it has a lot more drive. When you get to a tight
spot running your bead, it doesn’t snuff out, it’s
just got that much more drive. The beauty of the PipePro
400 is it has a USB port on the front, so as
new software comes out, you can get that via email,
put it on a flash drive, download it onto the welder machine. Well, when you buy a
Miller welding machine, it isn’t like they just take your money and send you out the door,
you’re really joining in a partnership with a company that really cares about your life success. There’s only been a couple times in my career where I’ve had an issue with my Miller, and they
bent over backwards, making it right, getting it fixed, as quick as possible
getting me back to work. We’re starting to see a
lot more Miller equipment on these Pipeline projects,
and as more and more people try them, they realize
how consistent they are, how much quieter they are,
how much lighter they are, and how much better they are, than the competitor’s equipment.

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  1. how long have you worked for miller?
    why cant miller make a real DC generator like an SA-200? they might be competition then

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