Pipeline Welder Gets Sneak Peek at New Dynamic DIG Technology

Having Tyler come in here has really offered us the chance to let him see what we’ve worked on. More specifically we’re looking at the Dynamic DIG feature which
we’re gonna be offering soon, and some new capabilities that we’ve incorporated into our software. Really what this Dynamic DIG feature’s enabling our customers to do
is have more puddle control, more DIG, increased travel
speed, less spatter, and more control when stick welding. We use their equipment every day, and allowing the end user to dictate the direction the machine
takes is huge for us. We’re able to get a lot more out of that arc than we were previously. In the end, this is
gonna affect his life and how fast he welds,
and how well he welds, and the quality that he welds. So really getting his buy-in and his input and featured into that is
critical for us here at Miller. We understand that these welders affect people’s lives and their income, and these are all things that we want to take in consideration before we release a new product to the field.

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