pH electrode handling 2/6 – preparation

METTLER TOLEDO ♪ [music] ♪ The Perfect InLab pH Electrode
Handling 2. Electrode Preparation. ♪ [music] ♪ For SteadyForce electrodes carefully remove the silicone seal with the enclosed
knife. Don’t scratch the membrane! For electrodes with sleeve junction check
the sleeve and tighten with approximately 1/4 rotation. Don’t tighten too much! A jammed sleeve junction can be loosened by immersing the electrode in
hot water for several minutes. Check the reference electrolyte
level and refill if necessary. The reference electrolyte should
be filled up to the refilling hole. If not sure which electrolyte to take,
check the operating instructions or electrode shaft. Air bubbles in the tip of the
electrode can be removed by shaking it like a thermometer. Attach the cable to the electrode
head. MultiPin connectors need to be stuck together followed by a
rotation up to the attachment point. Take note of the
indications for proper alignment. S7 connectors need to be
screwed until tight fitting. Now, attach the BNC
connector to the instrument and rotate until it snaps into place.
Don’t forget the temperature input! Install the electrode in the uPlace
electrode holder and open the refilling hole. Rinse the electrode with dionized water. If needed, gently tab dry the membrane. Perform a calibration and check
the calibration data afterwards. ♪ [music] ♪ METTLER TOLEDO

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