PART 2 73-87 C10 RUST REPAIR | Welding Chevy Patch Panels

PART 2 73-87 C10 RUST REPAIR | Welding Chevy Patch Panels

Ok, here’s another video I’m posting about
my Rust panel, patch panel work Rust repair work I’m doing On my 77 half ton C10 And I wanted to show you guys I made a mistake here And I wanted to document this So others don’t make this same mistake Basically what I did was I cut out too much metal Here from the floor It’s just above where the seat I’m sorry, just below where the seat mounts I’ll back up and you can get a look It’s this area right in here And basically what I was doing Was just fitting this inner rocker panel by
itself And the way not to make this mistake Is to start fitting your outer rocker panel Before you do your inner rocker panel Whittle away at the original rusted outer
rocker panel Whittle away at it Get everything cut off And then start fitting your new rocker panel Do this first before you do the inner rocker And what this will do When you finish getting your outer rocker
panel replaced Clamp the inner and outer rocker panel together This will mimic how they’re going to finally
mount together And when you do this Then you get a better idea Of where you need to make your cuts See up here I’ve got about I cut out about a 1/2” too much material Down at this end it’s a little less It’s about a 1/4” to 3/8” too much material So, you just whittle away at it Until you can get panels close enough to where
you can mark And just mark below your line That you need to cut Then cut it away See if it fits If it doesn’t, cut a little more Just small pieces at a time And I didn’t do that And I ended up with this It’s not a difficult fix It just takes time and more effort But I’ll get it fixed And I just wanted to document it And show what you need to do

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  1. Great series! I've watched them all. I came back here to ask if you think cutting some of the inner rocker to allow some air flow would help to prevent the rocker rot problem in the future? I've heard of some people doing this but I can't find any vids or pics on it. I'm just starting to fix my 84 k2500 rockers and cab corners, and I really don't want to have to do it again any time soon, lol.

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I wouldn't cut the rockers to allow for airflow. I was very liberal with the weld-thru primer. Cutting or drilling holes to me just sounds like adding extra entrances for water and dirt to get in there. It's GOING to get in there. Your best bet is to make sure everything is well coated. It's the least amount of work too. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  3. @milkcrate82 how much did you pay for the truck and i like your series of videos they are are very detailed and nicely edited ?

  4. Made a few cuts on my 85 cab, trying to figure out placement of inner rocker, it appears if I weld it to the floor support it is going to raise the floorpan 1" higher than it was stock, how would the floor pan rest on either the floor pan support or the cab support brace if it is 1" higher. That zig-zag step that you rest your pan on is confusing me if I weld inner flat to that piece…

  5. You needed to show placement of that inner rocker… that is my hold up and yes there aren't any images on web on the process, thanks for posting but looks like my inner will raise floor pan 1" and my braces will not rest correctly then…

  6. awesome videos thanks. I am patiently waiting for my inner outter and cab corners to show up so I can start planning this

  7. I am very glad that you put up this video because my C30 Big Dually, has EXACTLY the same rust pattern as your C10. And when I watched your video, I realized that I was just about to make the EXACT mistake you made. Dude, you saved me a bunch of headache and I thank you. BTW, you are a man after my own heart. I see you're into old square body Chevys, Harleys and Yamaha SX650s. We must have gone to separate schools together. LOL.

  8. I made same mistake when I did my 1986 scottsdale not as big a gap but had to section in some .

  9. I appreciate the tips. I've got an '81 Blazer and the rockers are trashed, as is a good bit of the floor. We're just getting through patching and caulking the cowl channel where it had rusted out and let water leak in under the dashboard. We were trying to figure out if we did need to take off the doors and fenders to replace them, and it looks like we do. Oh well, better to do it right than keep putting band-aids on it, haha.

  10. What im trying to fig out is i got a giant hole in the roof an idk how to fix that its not all the way through just that panle any ideas or any thing

  11. You could have just laid them both laid it up there with the rusty part behind it got them both at the same time because it should be 1/16 inch Gap to make sure you get the metal bonded good if your welding it a hundred percent

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