Pamiri women and the melting glaciers of Tajikistan

50 thoughts on “Pamiri women and the melting glaciers of Tajikistan

  1. It's some of Pamirian languages. They are Eastern Iranian languages which was languges of Central Asia before Arab invasion.

  2. weather changing lives of these poor people. the crime these people did not committ. industrian nations are criminals.their greed has ruined the earth

  3. im from Tajikistan but living in Malaysia.. miss my country so much.. wish i can go back end of this year.. :'(

  4. Ervin Khosroshahi, maybe you don't understand because they don't speak Persian. I think they speak different language in Pamir mountains but it's still iranic language so that's why it resembles a little like Persian.

  5. Anyone know where I can find more videos or documentaries of these Pamir people? I especially want to know where I could possibly find the "song" she is singing.

  6. Their language have lots of similarity to my mother tonge (Dari Persian) in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. lots of love my brothers


  8. a little UN SUSTAINABLE propaganda — right in the heart of the pockets of traditional communities, the ones that should be the model for their Agenda 21/30, instead, are under siege, not because they're UNsustainable but because the people living there are FREE to be the rightful caretakers of their traditional homelands.  
    the UN communism will have all lands controlled by the some legislative governing body, something fashioned after the PRC.

  9. very beautiful the Pamir, the people are nice, Chorog looks great. I think I must come with my small VW bus to visit these amazing mountains and I hope there are not religious fanatics like on the other side at Afghanistan.

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