Oxford rt250 oil cooled arc welder. Built to last.

Oxford rt250 oil cooled arc welder. Built to last.

hi guys today’s of you have you in my
old Oxford RT 250 oil-cooled well die which has
been absolutely fantastic machine my boys have a cold 250 amp it could be
either for 15 or 2/3 you know 240 volts but what a fantastic machine another
sort of 10 years and there’s nothing bad to say but I’m very heavy that’s the
only downside but this is not a machine you’d want to move about you only use
these I’d say in one place if he was a massive only but what a fantastic
machine yeah so go back there’s only like a position like stationary welder
not on wheels but the weight of a mr. Mendes with all the copper in there and
the oil they are really really heavy so I’d say this is the world if you just
doing all the world in any workshop or on a yard that you can have long leads
which I call you like I say excuse the mess nice heavy-duty quality set of
leads and I’m gonna double up in the future so you’re twice as far
probably as a fair distance around me this is the way to go I’d say I had a
fusion and it was an HF 200 inverter well die but I just don’t trust inverter
well as if y’all done site and it gonna take a little wilder with him yeah well
that’s the way to go but I’d say if you were any workshop well then or where you
can reach just on the outside the workshop with a long set of leads they
still do and they will last for a lifetime I reckon lasts forever
the dumpling effect um I like to see inverter well with only
Electronics in them after 10 years have been left in the damp workshop lastly I
don’t trust them with this I do trust but I said 10 years ago yeah no problems
at all and it is dumped I don’t care anyone says in the UK we
got a bloody terrible time workshops she’s a woman time upon me so I really
can’t fault a main on/off switch does he mean selector yeah amps up to 250 and
you can intermediate which is in between so if you liked on the bottom a if I was
right over there I don’t know 110 now or next one down is
80 so glad dat down me I’m on 90 bleah so when I won man would be hundred and
then on ie would be undone ten well I am quite used to a but a good quality of
everything no messing about I’d say more is it on rust out and a bit of surface
rust I can’t see why they won’t last forever just really really a slot
machine any other cool machine Jon Snow it’s different makes I’m a few well I’m
but I just like this anyway if so I was looking for a really
good old cool welder I suggest they look for that
well oxford instead of an inverter welder all right
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6 thoughts on “Oxford rt250 oil cooled arc welder. Built to last.

  1. These osford welders were first designed by cytringan welding company,the two guys who started oxford welders,used to work for cyril dobson who owned cytringan welding company.Their welders are the same but for the name plate.I should know,i grew up with the family.If anyone needs praising its the late cyril dobson

  2. http://www.oxfordwelders.co.uk/multi-process_mig_tig_arc.html Forget "R-Tech" and other crap Chinese imports, Oxford are still in existance, not terribly expensive and MADE IN BRITAIN still -:)

  3. I have the 140amp version of your machine above, been regularly used since the 1970's, NEVER been dismantled, has leads made from 3 phase Flygt submersible pump cables, new ground and torch, thats it! Still going strong….thumbs up….good review… VIVA Oxford 🙂

  4. Excellent welders, I've got an RT110/B with the extra terminal for the carbon brazing torch. There is one thing that will kill an Oxford, Cytringham, Bantam type welder and that is your damp workshop if you haven't checked the oil.

    The oil absorbs moisure from the atmosphere and it will sit at the bottom of the oil. If it builds up too far or if the machine is jolted while on, you could have a sudden catastrophic short circuit.

    Undo the bolts and open it. Bet the RT250 weighs a tonne so get help. Shine a torch into the oil and you should be able to see water if present. If it is slowly tip the oil into a bone dry container, leaving the water behind. Clean and completely dry the box, refill with the oil you removed and reasemble. Don't discard the Shell Diala B insulating oil as it costs a bomb!

    Lots of scare stories about insulating oil containing highly toxic PCBs, but the original Shell Diala B oil doesn't contain them. However if you cannot be certain the oil is original do lots of research and take serious precautions.
    If the paint seems original and is undisturbed on the bolts I'd assume the oil is original.

  5. Hi there. Awesome welder ! Good old English beast. I live in New Zealand and we don’t get welders like that here.
    I got a South African one. It’s an Eezi Strike 220 which is oil cooled to and also has a solid copper transformer like yours.
    I got a video of it on my YouTube channel now to after watching your video a while back. Hay just wondering did you find any water in your oil ?

  6. Water is the only thing that will kill these welders, condensation forms on the inside and eventually the water level will rise and touch the windings and short it

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