NPSP How-To Series: Merge Duplicate Contacts

NPSP How-To Series: Merge Duplicate Contacts

Maintaining clean and accurate data is one
of the important things you can do to get the most out of the Nonprofit Success Pack. When a duplicate contact is identified, the
best practice is to merge the two contacts rather than deleting one. This ensures values and related objects from
both contacts are retained. Let’s say we have identified two contact
records for Sam Addy. One is named Sam Addy the other is Samuel
Addy, and both have the same email address. So we know it’s actually the same person. The Nonprofit Success Pack includes a slick
Contact Merge function that will allow us to combine the two records into one master
contact as well as merge the duplicate household. Something that could require dozens of steps
to pull off manually. Let’s open the Contact Merge tool. Select the App Launcher. Search for and select the Contact Merge link. Type Sam Addy into the Search field and select
Search. You should see both Sam Addy contacts in the
list. If Salesforce doesn’t find both contacts,
try using a wildcard like asterisk. Use the checkboxes on the left to select
the contacts you wish to merge, and select Next. You can select up to three contacts to merge
at a time. Salesforce will present both contacts’ field
values side by side and default to the populated field. While related records will remain intact, be
sure to carefully select the most current values for fields that are populated in both
contact records. Salesforce will only save the information
from the option you’ve selected. For example if you want to retain Samuel as
the first name, select the radio button next to that value. The Sam value will be lost forever in the
merge process. If you have a lot of information that could
be lost in the merge, you may want to copy and paste the data to a document or text editor
like Notepad before merging. You will also choose which is the master record
using the topmost radio button. The master record controls which Contact and
Household Account is retained. Now that we’ve reviewed the contact fields,
click Merge. Salesforce will warn you one last time just
to be safe, so click Merge once again. Salesforce has now moved all the related records
and deleted the contact that was not selected as the master record. It has also deleted
the unselected household account. We’ll want to go back and ensure that these
related objects are not also duplicates. For example Sam’s contact has two affiliations
for the same time period and account. For more information refer to the Nonprofit
Success Pack documentation. Thanks!

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  1. Were is Contact Merge in the Service Cloud org? I navigated to the app launcher icon and did a search and it does not appear.

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