Not working hot and cold water dispenser viva 8liech-sc-ssd cold water problem solved, how to fix

Not working hot and cold water dispenser viva 8liech-sc-ssd cold water problem solved, how to fix

HOW TO FIX WATER DISPENSER ! MAKE SURE YOUR DISPENSER IS UNPLUGGED FROM THE POWER SOURCE ! 8LIECH-SC-SSD Use #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove cover. remove 2 screws to remove circuit board from white clips, push clip together with 2 fingers and slide each corners carefully of the pin make sure that circuit board does not clips back when you remove it from the next clip. This is a little tricky. Burn space around cold relay connector that needs to be solder back. Plug in power cord. Make sure cold and hot water switches are ON Please subscribe to my channel and check my other videos Thank you for watching!

49 thoughts on “Not working hot and cold water dispenser viva 8liech-sc-ssd cold water problem solved, how to fix

  1. my board burned burned off. There's no way to repair it except for a new board.This is a very common problem. I have two coolers like this.

  2. why not run a bead of caulk around the cover panel edge, and put house window screen to the inside, at the venting area. I am going with, this bad board problem is die of moisture and direct spills, since so many set their cups on the top, after filling

  3. I had the exact same problem, and thanks to your video I have cold water again. The hardest part was disconnecting the circuit board from the white connectors. The board had a burn just like you indicated. I had all of the tools and materials before I started the repair. I'd estimate it took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. Thanks again for the info.

  4. Worked awesomely!!! Thx for sharing! I was ready to get a new one!!! We just ran to the store & spent $7 on solder iron & wire! Awesome!!!!

  5. I having an issue getting the circuit board off the 4 small tabs. I am usually pretty handy but nothing I have tried will work without being concerned about breaking it.

  6. Ours had the exact same solder joint burned up. It's cooling again now that I've soldered it back. Have to agree with others, those white plastic push pin things are a royal pain to get the board loose from. Would love to know if there's some slick technique for dealing with connectors like that.

  7. Just found one thrown away in my apartment complex. Had the same problem, now I have a free water dispenser. Thanks.

  8. I had the same issue. I resoldered back the bad connection and it works!! Thank you so much for this video.

  9. Hi Andrey, I purchased a self cleaning water dispenser last year. The model is like yours in the video. The back looks same. A few days ago, the dispenser suddenly stopped working. The screen which shows temperature, the pump, the cooler and heater are off. It looks like the entire dispenser has no electricity. Do you know what the reason is and how to fix it? Thanks. Shengsheng

  10. Mines has all solders in place not burned up, is there another reason why it doesn't get hot? I didn't find any reset button. Thanks

  11. WOW…Great video. I had the exact same problem on my identical unit. I soldered the suspect area and it now cools water as new. I was all set to throw this unit and replace it and now I don't have to. Thank you Andrey Boyko.

  12. Mine is a master chef MYL1033S. The hot water doesn’t run out at all when I push the button. I don’t know if it’s the same panel problem. Pls help

  13. Great video! It must be a common problem. The same soldered point was burned off on my circuit board as well. I re soldered the point and it works good as new.

  14. Great video! At 47 seconds you can see two large capacitors and bellow them are six i believe small parts on the board, my left two of the six look burnt together and thus I am not getting any power at all, no lights no nothing to my water dispenser. Can you confirm your left two do not look like they are melted together? Do you have any links to where I can buy a replacement board? Thank you!

  15. I was hoping this was my issue but checked and it’s not. Anyone else find a different reason for the cold not working?

  16. hi sorry this is an old video but i was wondering if there is any alternative to soldering? i don’t know how to solder and i don’t have any wire. thank you for your time 😃!

  17. I see this video is pretty old. I'm hoping you are still available for questions! I have somewhat the same issue with a recent top dispenser model. Cold water not working and Control in front does NOT light up blue BUT it still functions. Could this be a connected issue? If I follow this video do you believe I can find the same issue you had? I really do not want to throw it away. BJs stated it was out of warranty😭.

  18. My cold and hot water is dispensing but it’s not cooling and heating. Do I need to perform the same trouble shoot that you did on your video?

  19. Mine isn’t cooling the water, I opened it up and looked for the same issue but don’t have any burn marks, I do have some gunk on these 2 batteries looking things. Can anyone help?

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