Nokta Makro Kruzer Metal Detector Commercial

Nokta Makro Kruzer Metal Detector Commercial

GET READY FOR A WHOLE NEW METAL DETECTING EXPERIENCE Ultra Fast Recovery Speed Excellent Discrimination and Unmasking Ability Multi Frequency Wireless freedom with no latency High Performance and Unmatched Depth BRINGS HUNTED OUT SITES BACK TO LIFE! CRUISE THROUGH TREASURES ON LAND OR UNDERWATER Advanced beach mode offers very stable operation Waterproof up to 5 meters Vibration upon detection of target Lightweight design, enjoy detecting for extended hours without fatigue Stay up-to-date with online firmware updates and get the most out of your detector THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES All-Terrain Multi-Purpose Detector Offering the Best Performance and Depth at the Best Price

18 thoughts on “Nokta Makro Kruzer Metal Detector Commercial

  1. I will be testing your multi Kruser! Congrat for the nice commercial the man at the end lokks like me giving the gold chain, I did find the same one in 2014!

  2. As a high subscribed youtuber who makes metal detecting videos, I get asked all the time what metal detector do I recommend. I am unable to answer as I've only used the AT Pro. I am quite interested to see if this is as good as it sounds. I might get me one. Great video by the way. -Johanna…

  3. It is an awesome machine, very deep, mega quick and waterproof, forget the Equinox and the BS hype, get this beasty.

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