New Releases Fall 2019 Games I’m DYING to PLAY!

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now sadly, summer is coming to a close, but that means that in the fall, we’re gonna be getting a
bunch of brand new games, and this summer, actually,
I was lucky enough to go down to L.A., and go to the E3 Expo, and just recently, actually, I went to PAX West here in Seattle, and both of those expos
highlight all the games that are gonna be comin’
out this fall, and beyond, and so I thought it might
be a really good time for me to share with you
some of the games that I saw, and some of the games
that I’m looking forward to playing this fall, so
let’s get started: number one. The first game on my list, and I think it’s on a
lot of people’s lists if you own a Switch. That, of course, is gonna be “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening,” and this is a remake of
the classic GameBoy game that came out, I believe in
like ’93 or somethin’ like that, but I didn’t actually play it, so this is gonna be brand new for me, and I really love those
old school Zelda games. I think this is actually the only one I haven’t played so far, and I think it looks absolutely fantastic. I think that they are
keeping that sort of, I don’t know, that sort
of original art style that was done on the GameBoy,
but of course way updated it for modern hardware. It looks kind of like toys,
it looks really weird. It looks sort of like
tilt-shifted a little bit, almost like a diorama. I just think that it looks fantastic, and I think it’s gonna
be really fun to play. Nintendo is promoting
it all over the place, and I got to see it both at E3 and PAX, and like I said, I am
very excited for this one. Next up for me is an RPG that
kinda came out of nowhere and sorta snuck up on me, and it’s by developer Obsidian, and it is called “The Outer Worlds.” Now, if you’re not familiar with Obsidian, they are the developer
for “Fallout: New Vegas.” A lot of people consider that to be their favorite Fallout game, and I do think it’s absolutely fantastic. They also made “Alpha Protocol”, which is another RPG that I
actually like quite a bit, and a bunch of other stuff, and so they’re very
well-respected, they know RPGs, and this one, as you can
see by the gameplay footage definitely looks like a mix of “Fallout,” but also with a little bit,
I would say, “Bioshock.” I mean, it looks like a
really interesting mix. It looks like kinda the
best of both worlds. I’m definitely digging the art style and the fact that it’s not just grays, and browns, and blacks. It looks like there’s a
lot of color in there. It looks like they’re gonna have a bunch of great characters
to interact with, and of course, the combat is
gonna be a mix of real time and also the ability to slow it down, so it’s not the V.A.T.S. system, I think it’s their own thing, and so I am very curious
to check this out. This is gonna be a day
one purchase for me. The next game I am dying to play that’s comin’ out this fall, and I think it’s on a lot of people’s list is “Death Stranding,” that’s
gonna be on the Playstation 4, and of course, it is created by the original creator of the
“Metal Gear Solid” series, and they are bringing that type of crazy over to this new game, and so far, it looks absolutely bonkers (laughs). I’ve loved every trailer they’ve shown because I just don’t know what this game is necessarily gonna be
about, but it looks crazy. It looks like it’s gonna be
dealing with life and death, and maybe going back and forth between the living world and a dying world. It looks just amazing, and crazy, and I can’t wait to jump into it. The one caveat, though, with this, and I’ve heard that the
cutscenes in this game are gonna be exceptionally long, and I remember playing “Metal
Gear Solid” for, I believe, on the Playstation 3, and that game, at the time, had many cutscenes, but one of them was almost
a half an hour long, and I remember my controller actually going into Low Power/Sleep Mode, that cutscene went on so long, and maybe this game is
actually gonna have cutscenes that are longer than that. Some people love them,
some people not so much. I’m really curious to see just
kinda how this game plays. It’s supposedly an open world game. I guess there’s gonna be
an online element to it, I dunno, it’s just I like
the idea of this game because it’s just somethin’ brand new. It’s somethin’ we haven’t seen before, and it looks like a
very unique experience. Next up is “DOOM Eternal.” Now, I gotta admit that when the previous
version of DOOM came out, it was just called “DOOM,” and it came out, I believe, in 2016. I was really surprised at
how good that game was. I mean, I think it’s because “DOOM 3” was kind of a slow moving game, a little bit more of a
survival horror game, and I really felt like in 2016, they brought the “DOOM” franchise back. It was fast, it was
twitch-based, a lot of strafing, a lot of just over-the-top,
nonstop action. The new elements that they added to it where you would break apart enemies, and soak up, I don’t know what it was, like their energy, or they’re, it doesn’t matter, it’s a “DOOM” game. Basically, you kill everything (chuckles). Everything must die, right? And it looks like “DOOM Eternal” is just gonna be more of that, so that’s a good thing, I don’t want them to mess with somethin’ when it’s working so well. Now, according to E3,
and some of the things that they’ve said about it, it looks like they’re just
gonna expand the world, or the universe a little bit, so instead of just being stuck
on Mars, and going to Hell, it looks like you might
actually go to Heaven, and maybe other dimensions, and so I will absolutely
jump into this one. Loved the previous one, and
I can’t wait for the new one. This next thing is
something that I actually didn’t expect to see, and it showed up at PAX here in Seattle, and people got to play around with it, and got to see it actually in motion, and that is the Playdate handheld. Now, I know some of you
are probably wondering, well, you’re either in a
couple different camps here. You’re either going,
“What the heck is this?” Some of you are kinda groaning, going, “Oh, no, not this thing”, and some of you, like me, actually might be a little
intrigued and excited by this. So what is it? Well, it is, like I said, it’s a brand new handheld
that’s comin’ out from a company who, as far as I know, has never made one before,
and because of that, they’re approaching it
with sort of fresh eyes, and fresh ideas, and so it’s created by
a company called Panic, and they are a very
well-respected game developer, but up to this point, like I said, they haven’t created a handheld, and essentially what this
is, as you can see here, is that is a very simple,
back-to-basics sort of handheld. You can see that the
screen is black and white, and the crazy thing is is that it has a working crank, and that the games will
take advantage of that, so there is a very sort of
physical element to this handheld that you just don’t
typically see in other ways, and so it’s really cool. Obviously, it does have
buttons and things like that. The other thing is, it’s designed by a team that has a history of making really cool,
high-end audio equipment, so that’s a company called
Teenage Engineering, and so they’re the ones working with Panic to make this really unique experience, and the other thing is, is that, so this thing’s gonna cost $150, which I do think is a little bit high, but what they’re doing with this is that every, I believe it’s
every week, for 12 weeks, your device is going to light up, and you’re gonna have
a brand new experience that is just available to it, so basically, 12 games will
come out over 12 weeks, so that’s included with the price, and they’re not revealing what those are, so they’re gonna be surprises. They’re saying that it’s
gonna be simple games, it’s gonna be complex games, it’s gonna be experimental games, so definitely, I like this idea. I love how they’re basically
just trying something new and something interesting, and you know, again, I think $150 is
kind of on the high side. I think a lot of people are gonna be like, “Eh, I’m not gonna take a
chance on somethin’ like that.” I think if maybe it was like $59, I think people would probably jump on it, but either way, I’m
excited to check it out, because it’s somethin’ new,
and weird, and interesting. At the end here, I do wanna
have some honorable mentions. These are games I don’t
really know a lot about, but I did see on the floor, I looked over people’s shoulders, and they looked interesting, so I wanted to mention “Star
Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.” I obviously love “Star
Wars”, I like the idea of another brand new third
person “Star Wars” game, so this is somethin’ I’m
definitely gonna be checking out. “Shenmue III”, of course, I
think is gonna be really cool. We’re finally gonna be getting that. Now, I’ve never actually finished any of the previous “Shenmue” games, but I played both of them,
and I’ve really enjoyed them, and so I’m really curious to see what they do with the third one. I think it’s pretty cool
that it’s even getting made. “The Witcher 3” is coming out on Switch, and it’s funny, because my wife, I watched my wife play
it on the Playstation 4, and that was, you know,
a couple years ago, but I mentioned it’s gonna
be comin’ out on the Switch, and she immediately was
like, “We’re getting it.” Because, again, it’s gonna be portable, we can play it anywhere. We can play it docked, handheld, so yeah, we’re gonna be jumping on,
and replaying “The Witcher 3.” And then, oh yeah, I wanted to
mention “Streets of Rage 4”. This is a game that I
wasn’t really following, but we saw it at PAX, and it’s actually being
published by Dotemu, which came and actually visited
my game room at one point, and also Lizardcube, and basically, it’s just a continuation of the classic, so it actually is supposedly, I believe it takes place 10
years after “Streets of Rage 3,” which is pretty cool that
they’re actually doing that. This year, we’re gonna be getting a nude, (laughs) a nude, a new
“Need For Speed” game. It’s called “Heat,” and
just like every time that they announce a new
“Need For Speed” game, I always go, well, (laughs) I’ll see how
the reviews turn out, because I love some of the
previous “Need For Speed” games, like “Hot Pursuit,” and “Most Wanted,” so I’m dying for them to
get back to the basics, and make another great
“Need For Speed” game, and I’d like this to be one of those, and also, too, I’m
actually wearing the shirt. I got this at PAX, and “Gears 5.” So, “Gears of War,” I haven’t
played a “Gears of War” game since the second one. That tells you how long it’s been, and so I’m actually kind of in the mood to play a really good cover-based shooter, and so it’d be cool to get that one, so I’ll probably be picking
it up on the XBox One X, so “Gears 5” is gonna be there, and also, I’ll probably
play that with my buddy, Drunken Master Paul, he loves that series, so anyways, guys, this is a quick video, just talkin’ about what games I am looking forward to this fall, but there are literally hundreds of other games I didn’t mention, and I’d love to know what
you guys are waiting for, and what games that you guys are excited, please let me know down
in the comments below. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and take care.

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