[RCSparks] – ‘Kay, RC Adventurers, you know as well as I do, now that the snow is falling, it is almost time for Loading Wars. Now Loading Wars, if you
don’t know what that is, go up to the YouTube
search feature right now. Punch in RC Adventure Loading Wars and discover an RC game show that you should’ve been watching a long time ago. But I know you’ve already
seen the thumbnail. You know what’s on the bench. Let’s get to unboxing this
latest creation from LESU. Now I find it most appropriate to mention that this is the old Carson forklift. You can still find these. These were toys, and you
can find them, you know, around the world, they’re
getting more rare, for around two hundred and
eighty, two hundred and forty, three hundred dollar. This is plastic, it’s very light. You guys may have seen that I’ve done complete
upgrade series on these, as well as, I mentioned, Loading Wars. Loading Wars is basically a game show where friends get together and compete against with forklifts and or trucks and trailers and whatnot, loading and unloading
different types of products. Now these were becoming
more and more rare, and they were very limited
in what they can do. For example, it’s got a non differential, like a single axle drive gear. So that means when you have
any heavy load on this at all, and you try to turn, basically the front
doesn’t allow any slippage, and even though you’re
turning your back tires, you’ll continue to go forward. Also, a very light
machine, which is great. You could add weight to it. I did add weights on the
inside of this one, as well. But if you put too much weight in there, again, it will have a hard time turning. And because it doesn’t weigh very much, as soon as you put anything on the front, you lose turning ability as well. Now the wonderful thing about this is that there never really
was very many options for forklifts. And inside here, in another channel called RCSParks Reboot that I have, I show disassembling the
whole gearbox in here and showing how the worm gear drives and has a plastic clutch that
slips if it gets too heavy. So if you added too much weight or the pallet was too heavy, it would try to lift
but you would just hear a repeated clicking noise. So that was a little bit of a problem because it couldn’t lift very much at all. And you really couldn’t
upgrade it very well because there wasn’t really
much to upgrade in there. Well, thankfully there is other versions of forklifts out there now. And even though I did
a conversion on this, and you can still do that conversion to make this into a pretty
decent little machine, which is what we used in
season one and season two of Loading Wars. Now we’ve got the LESU. Look at this. I love this. This is gonna be such
a huge upgrade, guys. This forklift has been
anticipated for a very long time. I just got off of building the excavator, and I figured because
we’re all getting ready for Loading Wars, that I would be able to get
one of these pre-released, and you guys could have a
look at how it was built and how it all goes together. Now I am a little concerned about the hydraulic block on this one. I wonder if it’s decent and still working. If not, I know that any
kind of issue I have, LESU will take care of it right away. So let’ get to unboxing
and see what’s inside. I’m loving all the little
pieces I see already. Even this stack right here is all cut out. This is metal, this is not plastic. Wow. ‘Kay, let’s do this. One, two. Smaller than the excavator, of course, because it’s a forklift. But I don’t want to say too
much because I’ve never seen any of these pieces before. Totally different hydraulic
block, by the way. Look at this. Oh no, this is the pump. Wow, look at this tiny little pump. Wholly cow, what is this, a 930 KV. A tiny pump. Wholly cow. I’m gonna get you in here
so you can have a look. ‘Kay, so in the corner
is the seat, the exhaust. You can hear that it’s metal. I love the fact that it’s gonna have some weight to it, guys. A couple of pallets. Krazy Joe has made a ton of these, and we’ve also got some
other ones that were sent in. Lovin’ that. Gonna put that up on the rack. ‘Kay, these pipettes must be for filling with hydraulic fluid. Ya heard me right, it’s gonna
be hydraulic, obviously. Look at the rams. Wow. So this will be for the mast. I wanna be careful, these are very small. Look at this little fella right here. Totally hydraulic, guys. This is awesome. The boys are gonna love this. There’s one of the forks. And the other fork there. What the fork’s going on? Man oh man, I could not
resist getting one of these for Loading Wars. You know there’s just
no way we couldn’t have one of these on site. Now people are gonna be asking me price. I’m gonna have to say, like I said, I was lucky enough to have this sent to me so I could put it together on my channel. I just have no idea. I’m not a distributor. But you can check for a distribution link in the video description box down below. There is the mast itself with bearings on the end already. All of these different pieces. There’s the guide rail. Maybe I just totally got that term wrong. I love it. Check this one out. A brass weight just to give
it a little bit more weight. And this is on plastic. There we go. Amazing. The tires. Nice rubber, soft tires. And then, of course, the inside wheels. All aluminum. They’re beautiful. ‘Kay, I wanna get building. (laughs) Right away, let’s start building. Ah, but you know I can’t
start building yet. I have so much painting to do, guys. But now you know you’ve got yourself another build video on the way. Something unique, something
you may not have seen before. Look at this, even the cage, all metal. Gonna have to prime this
with an acid etch primer. It’s a self etcher. No need to sand it. Can be done in rather cool weather. It’s called U-POL #8,
acid etch number eight. I had to order it in to
bring it in from overseas. Look at these. Now again, these are brass colored. I love the brass look, guys. It just looks, you know,
very steampunk-esque to me. Same with these ones. Here is the hydraulic block. It is a much smaller block. It’s gonna run on micro servos. I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Wow, the guys are gonna be going crazy when they see this. I know, I know, I know. Look at, this is one of
my favorite things of all. One of the chains that goes
on either side of the mast. So you see the string. It’s not even in the roller right there. It’s falling out. That was one of the
common problems we had. This string on the new
one will be replaced with a chain on either side, and a hydraulic ram like this will be pushing it up the side. I wonder how many people I’m
gonna watch try to convert these Carsons over to try to
get these rams functioning? I wonder if that’ll work? So, we’re gonna get the mast
moving forward and backward. We’re gonna get it, the
forks moving up and down. As you guys have an awesome
build series coming up, smash that like button for me right now. Show me some love! Let LESU know that you’re
excited to see these products. Heck, I might even go and buy
myself another one of these so we have red and blue on either side. As always, guys, we’ll see
you in the next episode of RC Adventures. Now get outside and have fun with RC, or stay inside and build yourself one.


  1. You know there's gonna be fights to see who runs blue. Maybe it will be part of a penalty, your opponent gets to use the good one.

  2. Can’t wait to see this build. Was excited for the excavator build but looking forward to this one. As a 16 plus year forklift operator can’t wait to see it working.

  3. Who doesn’t know about “Loading Wars”? Are there people, that live under rocks? Loading Wars is the BEST!! Sorry, can only hit the like button once. Is there something wrong with mine?

  4. WoW Lesu is using a Metal 3D printer to make this forklift… that looks so awesome … I’m guessing based on the layer lines on the inside of the main chassi

  5. Great show again.
    I think the forklift is a 352 Linde model.
    3 or up to 4.5000kg lifting weight is the range in that series

    Old but good

  6. I can hear that painful cry already. “PENALTY!!” Can’t wait to see loading wars with a much more capable forklift. It’s gonna be awesome!

  7. Cool, I'm so glad you're doing a build of this forklift! I saw it on Lesu's website last week, and various vendors were offering it for pre-sale… But before I pull the trigger, I wanted a few guinea pigs to let me know if it's any good!

  8. Wow,sweet forklift. Looks like one nice piece of machinery right there,cant wait for the build. That track hoe was sure something else, the color looks great on it. Have you ever done anything with the Vaterra f100?

  9. That looks so sweet. I can't wait to see the build. I would paint is marine green around the seat and yellow counterweight with a gun metal grey cage

  10. this thing is going to be nuts Medic, looking forward to this build series, and cant wait to see it on loading wars!!

  11. Can you please paint this in the kobelco colours aswell. Would look awesome and be a great start to a fleet of kobelco equipment. Also awesome video

  12. Wooowww…Medic, plz adopt me for few days only and let me be with u in this garage. I can promise to be as good as little Moe. This Canadian RC Paradise is getting irresistible day by day ???

  13. Looks great can't wait to see it painted and built and just to let you know if you want one in the UK it's £749.99

  14. You'll be looking @ $1600 AUD to purchase here in Australia. I'm sure it would be worth the cost though to get a forklift like this.

  15. Gday Medic, wow thats going to be another cool build it would be so awsome to have two of the lesu forklifts, do you think that you will get another volvo dump truck for next season of youtube gold???

  16. unbelievable mate and you should also keep it the same colours as the excavator,apart from that medic keep the vids coming cause as soon as ive watched one i cant wait to see the next

  17. Tines make up the fork, they aren't both forks 😛 5:26 5:30, great looking model, should be a great forklift for loading wars 🙂

  18. This is going to be an awesome addition to Loading Wars. Excited to see what colors are going on this beast and the lift capacity.

  19. Looks fun. Hopefully the hydraulics don't give you the headaches the excavator did. I was really bummed when I saw you had to ditch them. The design was awesome with the scale radiator and everything, bummer it didn't work out. Glad to hear lesu is going to fix that issue.

  20. Omg you just buy everything :O I wish I can just do that , you are very lucky man ,,,,,,. Love your videos bro keep it up . Love it

  21. Not really my thing, right now,lol. But your video kept my attention. That's the power of "VIDEO CREATOR GREATNESS"!
    Much respect and love to ya Medic.

  22. Here is a bit of new interest in the world of trucks, it is true that the usual forklifts are limited in performance but Lesu has done a very good job, that's for sure and with the hydraulics it should lift more weight. I am really looking forward to seeing the construction and testing !!

  23. 2 questions:

    1: Is there a diff in the front to eliminate the problem the Carson suffers from?

    2: Do you happen to know if Lesu are planning on releasing a Telehandler such as a JCB or CAT?

  24. Awesome!! Stoked to watch this series, really enjoyed the excavator build! And all your videos! Following from Canmore AB, keep up the wicked work and having fun!!

  25. You Have to get a second one.. Or that will be completely unfair for using in competition for loading wars.. Unless, you can get a "reverse penalty" and that means you get to use this beast instead of the Carson ones.. "This thing is insane" I can not wait to see it in action..

  26. I'm very surprised how small the hydraulic system is compare to the excavator system one. That smaller hydraulic system is good to put in to smaller trucks that have dump trucks or semi. Awesome. Can't wait to see the fork lift build as well what you will give for the colors for it.

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