NEW FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

NEW FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape Clear the super strong waterproof tape that’s clearly the best way to patch, bond, seal & repair. Flex Tape’s triple thick adhesive instantly bonds to the surface stopping the toughest leaks while remaining virtually invisible. Plus, Flex Tape Clear is so strong… it even works underwater. Now you can repair pools and spas with a clear watertight seal and even make quick repairs without changing the look of your beautiful surfaces. Now it’s easy to fix rips and tears. Plus, Flex Tape Clear holds on tight even when wet. Flex Tape Clear is perfect for emergency auto repairs – and lets light pass right through. Boats, campers, trailers & RV’s now everything in plain sight can be sealed watertight. To show you the power of Flex Tape Clear (Saw cutting) I cut a giant hole in another boat and repaired it with only Flex Tape Clear. Not only does Flex Tape Clear’s powerful adhesive keep all the water out of the boat but even in shark-infested waters it creates a super strong water-tight barrier that seals out the elements and you could see right through. And even in the most extreme conditions Flex Tape Clear can take a pounding and holds on tight. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat. Waa Hoooo! Guys? Hello? Where’d everybody go? That’s amazing.

100 thoughts on “NEW FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

  1. I want to hear whether or not a product works underwater or not on every flextape commercial. We all need clarity.

  2. Me: I guess it's ok, I mean it's not like it works underwater or anything
    Phil: 0:24
    Me: i'Ll tAkE yOuR eNtIrE sToCk!

  3. Its been 2 days
    cant seem to find any food on this damn island , my flex tape clear boat ran out of gas. im thirsty someone help

  4. Excuse me? It is not acceptable to fix your lawn chair with a piece of tape. That's what hillbillies would do.

  5. Flex Tape X: To show you the power of Flex Tape X, I don’t even have a boat! But with Flex Tape X, It can make a boat!

  6. So there is someone called "Girrafeman" replying with "That's Amazing" on nearly every comment.
    So dont do it on my one and if Girrafeman sees this and replys with "Thats Amazing" So help me God.

  7. Boats fear him, but he regains their trust
    Leaks fear him, he is the last thing they see

    Phil Swift is so strong he even makes it work underwater

  8. I sawed this man in half. I'm going to fix him with flex tape.

    I sawed this planet in half. I'm going to fix it with flex tape.

    I sawed the Universe in half. I'm going to fix it with flex tape.

    I sawed the Multiverse in half. I'm going to fix it with flex tape.

  9. Phil sounded a little shaky in the voice ne'er the sharks ? I think this he knew the only thing between him and a bon-villain death was flex tape clear

  10. Legend has it that the YouTuber known as “Giraffeman” to every liked comment with the reply “That’s Amazing!”

  11. Don't worry Little Einsteins will help you with Rocket turning into a Life Boat and help u

    Me: Leo & Annie TAP! TAP! Phill Swift needs our help OK

    Little Einsteins: OK


    BOOP! Stairs open

    do BLJ

    Leo & Annie: Nice BLJ sir ?

    waits for rocket to blast off

  12. Another channel Samhainian has stolen this video and has a lot more views. A scammer making money off your great video.

  13. It is basically a tradition that there has to be a boat in every commercial? that’s what makes them the best commercials

  14. I’ve got 3 leaks at the bottom of my pool. It’s not even sticking and it’s only pin prick holes. So if they can fix huge holes like on this commercial then they need to come over and fix the tiny holes in my pool because obviously I’m not doing something right. Maybe it’s rocket science or I’m not holding my mouth right as I stick it on. I don’t know.

  15. The real reason the titanic sunk was because Phil went back in time using a state of the art Flex Time machine and sawed it in half

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