NEW Coin Ring Folding Tools! Hardened Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set!

NEW Coin Ring Folding Tools! Hardened Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set!

hey guys Martin from Coin Ring USA and
today I want to demonstrate the latest rollout of my coin ring folding tools,
what I call the forever folding cone and spacer set because finally; these are
machined out of hardened wear resistant stainless steel you guys asked and I
listened after many requests this is what I’ve come up with their the same
four sizes of folding cones as the other plastic-type derivatives that are out
there on this side here you’ve got the 3/8″ then you’ve got the half inch
size then you have the five-eighths inch size and the three-quarter inch size
folding cone you also have that little spacer here and what this does is i’ll
demonstrate later is that provides a longer reach of the ram when it’s needed
to push the folding cones further down into the coin so this is the forever set
you know the other ones that are out there work really well but ultimately
there’s still a consumable item so with these here finally no more grooved and
worn-out cones so obviously the issue with using metal is metal to metal
contact with the inner detail of the coin but that’s easily taken care of
with teflon tape I don’t show you guys here as I fold down this 1921 morgan
dollar that I’ve already center punch the hole in like to start from the
larger diameter and and I like to work my way down to the smaller diameter end
and you want to just roll away from you and you want to go around about two to
three times just like so and there we go ok so i have to find route all of the
folding cones and I put the smallest 3/8″ inch folding cone into the 1.6 side of
my 17 degree reduction die and i’m ready to fold it over small side note here
this is the hardened stainless steel starter cone and if you have my either
25-cent 50 cent dollar morgan / peace dollar or the american silver eagle
stabilizing reduction die this starter cone actually is very effective because
of the fact that there’s low clearance here on the RAM head of my particular
ring size and machine and the brand that i have is adderson so normally i would
start with the folding cone but since I’m using the universal 1.6 side of the
rid of the reduction died the smaller three cinch cone fits right in just fine
so now we’ll go ahead and get started with the folding process just want to
give a little initial tap on the handle make sure that that’s nice and straight
and level and go ahead and fold down as you can see there’s the first pass and
the cool thing about the teflon tape as you can see as you start to make your
press the teflon tape cuts away from the initial point where you started the fold
and it rides up and by riding up what’s happening is it’s actually kind of using
using itself as a cushion to protect against metal on metal contact as you
can see there’s none there whatsoever so now we’ll continue with the process can
actually flip it around to the 1.5 side get that nice and level and press and
that’s what it looks like let’s get that and focus there you can
see further compression of the teflon tape without any sacrifice whatsoever to
that into detail just amazing ok so the coins been reeled and i’m now
switching to the second sighs the half inch size folding cone still on the 1.5
side because it will not fit into the next sized I go and give it a quick
little press to make sure it’s nice and even and give it a good press now this is where using that spacer can
come into play you can see that it’s the top of the
folding cone is pretty much flush with the top of x 1.5 size reduction die so
using the spacer will give me a little bit more of a reach so that I can
continue to fall down from want to utilize the existing folding cone and
i’ll go ahead and do that that didn’t give a little tap make sure it’s even
and press this is what we’ve come up with so far now i’m gonna go ahead and really old
this coin again and i’ll go ahead and switch to the third sighs the
five-eighths inch size stainless steel folding cone i’m still in 1.5 side
because it’s not quite small enough to fit into the 1.4 side diameter reduction
die so now we’ll go ahead and press this down bottom that out there is what we
have with the third-largest folding cone you can see the impression left actually you can see that really good
right there the eagle and God We Trust there’s one of the eagle’s wings and the
other eagle’s wings cannot reveal the coin yet again remember you can never
heal too much but you can certainly over Neil but as long as you know the
boundaries of the coin you’re all set a little test press and fold it down okay and that’s that’s
it right there we’re good to go one of things you want
to take note is you’re trying to close the gap between the edge of the folding
cone and the inner read portion of the coin will take it out of the dye you
guys a better idea you can see that there’s no gap in
between the two and i’m not worried again because of the fact that there’s
teflon tape hey guys so here you have it a fully
folded over 19-21 morgan silver dollar I mean look how perfectly folded over
that is utilizing those hardened stainless steel folding cones and spacer
but i want to draw attention to the inner detail kind of keep that still so
you can see me look at the detail that bird for the Eagles head the wings and
all the lettering United States of America and God We Trust flip it over
there one dollar you can see the Eagles feed the arrows just complete
preservation of the detail despite the fact that i’m using
stainless steel folding tones of course the secret is that really isn’t a secret
anymore is teflon tape and lots of it so at this point here if I was going to
make a larger coin i would bring this up to the expanding splines of my ring size
machine or which i’m going to do a little bit here i’m going to further
reduce this down reduce the reading portion of the coin using my sweetest
wrapped eyes in the sweetest rap technique so hope you guys enjoyed this
video you can check out the new hardened stainless steel folding cones at my shop
page as well as all my other tools that’s a coin ring go ahead and
like like the video if you thought this information was handy and subscribe in
the lower right-hand corner and you can click in the description box and you’ll
be able to see the various links there as well and hope you guys enjoyed this
video and we’ll see you guys on the next one bye for now

8 thoughts on “NEW Coin Ring Folding Tools! Hardened Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set!

  1. Martin, terrific new tools!  Do the new cones provide more stability than the plastic cones? If so, how? Thanks. – Gene

  2. Thanks Martin, Just got your email and within 30 seconds ordered this set. Great addition to my tools and know they will last for years. Thanks again, great job.

  3. Hi, great informative videos, I have your folding dies and old style folding cones, SUPERB !!!!!. Just one point, could you make a half set,,,small and large. In UK the larger cones are un-used, I make Half Crowns regularly and only use the two smaller cones. Great work many thanks, keep up the great videos. Stu n Caz. X.

  4. Hi Martin,
    Just got your steel folding cones, and rubber polishing kit. I have to say the stainless cones are SUPERB, I can stretch faster, more accurate, and with lithium grease, so smooth, they make the process a lot easier, and therefore I have the confidence to make more expensive, and desirable rings.I intend to make a dedicated polishing station for the rubber chucks, to remove the ribbed edge, when needed and to polish also, will post a video when I finish the machine. Keep up the great work. All the best.
    Stu n Caz.

  5. Hello, how are you? I'm Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, I'm watching your video and I'm interested in making rings of old coins, but for this I need to have proper tools, if you can help me, what tools should I buy and where can I buy, could you tell me which site Where should I find these tools?
    Thank you,

  6. Hello, did you post a video a few weeks back about adding reeds to the cut edge? I saw a video about this pop up on my YouTube feed but it seems to have been taken off of YouTube. I've had multiple customers of mine ask if this was possible and I'd be very interested to see if anyone has accomplished it in the past. Love your products, they definitely make it easier to turn out a quality ring. Thanks.

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