Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

The Dynasty® 280 DX with CV, where
portability meets multi-process. This machine is a multi-process
version of the industry-leading Dynasty series. Having both constant
curr ent and constant voltage output, this machine is able to weld TIG, MIG and
stick processes. Weighing only 55 pounds and having convenient carry strap makes
this machine the most portable, versatile machine in its class. The MIG welding
capabilities of this machine are delivered through the CV output when
it’s paired with a voltage sensing feeder like our SuitCase® X-TREME series.
The feeder is powered off of the Arc voltage and has been optimized to run
both solid and flux-cored wires. The Dynasty 280 DX with CV is rated for 3/8
of an inch thick aluminum or steel intake and will deliver up to 280 amps
of output for TIG and stick, or a maximum of 28 volts for MIG. This multi-process version in the series still has all the precision and TIG features
you’d expect out of the Dynasty. The Blue Lightning™, high-frequency arc starters
allows for non-contact arc starts and eliminating HF interference while
welding. Other features such as pulse and AC wave shaping allowing for precision
heat input and arc control. Digital controls with Pro-Set™ takes the guesswork
out of setting your parameters and the inverter topology paired with Auto-Line™
allows you to hook up to any input voltage from 208 to 575 volts making
this machine the most versatile portable machine in its class. For more
information go to

6 thoughts on “Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

  1. step up your portability game miller, the last decent one was the passport plus but you went and did away with it… the 200, is a poor predecessor…. esab has you beat this go round for true portability multi-process, ac/dc tig..  bring back the passport , make the power plug , detached at the unit end too so the pigtail is kept safer during handling, or dont and continue to drag behind in the race.  In the current day and age, portability, and ease of handling are two major selling points.

  2. So… for those of us that already have a Dynasty 280DX, will there be a software upgrade/expansion that will enable CV output similar to how we can get 'Independent AC Amperage' added?

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