Modern Masters Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints (Woodturning)

Modern Masters Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints (Woodturning)

Transform your woodturnings into metal
art with Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Paints. Made with real metal, you
can create genuine metallic surfaces of bronze, copper and iron on any wood. Combinde with textured surfaces to achieve stunning results that will leave
others wondering how you did it? The system consists of a special primer,
reactive metal paint and aging solutions that oxidize the surface. Creating these special effects is done in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Apply two coats of primer, sanding lightly between coats. Step 2: Apply one coat of reactive metallic paint, and let dry. Step 3: Apply a second coat of reactive
metallic paint and while the paint is still wet, spritz the painted surface with aging
solution to begin the oxidation process. With Modern Masters Reactive Metallic
Paints, the artistic possibilites are endless.

15 thoughts on “Modern Masters Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints (Woodturning)

  1. Could this be done to a pen blank and if so what finish would you recommend to put on it to seal the pen for use?

  2. For more in-depth instruction on Modern Masters Metal Effects, read our online article.

  3. i'd like to put a light green patina over the aluminum around my shower doors. How can I achieve that using your product?

  4. Can i use MM Metal effects Acid Blocking Primer instead of MM Metal Effects Primer with MM Metal effects copper paint instead of MM Metal effects Oxidizing copper paint?

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  6. I am planning on using this for table legs and matching chairs for outdoor use. What would you suggest I seal the finish with? How do I stop the reaction before sealing?

  7. That stuff is amazing. It is like painting with metal and metal oxides … pretty sure this stuff is … not going to be food safe right?

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