Modern Entryway Table using Finger Joints & Pocket Holes

Modern Entryway Table using Finger Joints & Pocket Holes

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we built a walnut entryway table and we love it we originally designed this so it could
be made 100% with dimensional lumber, meaning it wouldn’t need to be ripped on the table
saw or anything like that, just picked up at the home center and cut to length. But we wanted to challenge ourselves and to
be fancy and make this in walnut so we cut everything to size on our table saw and miter
saw so we’re gonna try something a little bit
fancy for the legs we’re gonna try finger joints or box joints or whatever you call
them we have the height set we have the spacing set using these fancy little spacer bars we
did one practice box yeah now time to do it on the nice stuff yay it works but the spacing
wasn’t exactly dead on so they’re a little bit loose which means that these little fingers
right here aren’t as wide as I want them to be they should be about a half inch to fit
into the half inch holes that we’re cutting but thankfully we were using scraps for these
test cuts so we’re gonna re set it up try it again have the spacing all dialed in and
now it’s time to cut the final pieces setting up the finger joining jig took a little bit
of practice but once it was all going it was pretty fast and now we have a bunch of finger
joints to assemble snice snice snice snug fit ooo yes oh that’s cool that’s a leg I
love the gradient that was on purpose actually ok is this a good time to talk about it yes
we’re not wood experts I don’t know if having this light color in your walnut is a desired
thing but we have this place where the leg meets the table top so we actually wanted
the lighter walnut up at the top so that it will contrast with the darker walnut of the
table top now we just need to make one more of these and then all the other things this
looks really good what is that oh that’s blue that’s paper towel haha so both of our legs
are glued up and next up is sanding off the overhang in these finger joints so that we
can attach these to the underside of our table top so our legs are glued to our table top
and we’ve measured and cut the apron the side pieces now we just need to attach them using
pocket holes why yes we are using pocket holes and traditional
joinery on this table if this makes you feel feelings like yeah we should all give pocket
holes a chance or if you’re gonna build it why not build it right then you’re in luck
because we built a website using Wix called MakersVote dot com where you can go vote and
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below or go to wix dot com slash go slad evan and katelyn to get started on your website
today wix dot com slash go slalsh evan and katelyn I don’t think that makes it louder
haha so now we just need to cut some notches right here and over there to bring this flush
with the top panel I’m just gonna trace our material if we cut this out it should be the
same size it should fit right here so I’m not gonna go all the way to the corner with
either of these cuts I’m gonna stop almost all the way there and finish it with a file
when using your file make sure you know which side is your safe edge so that while you’re
filing this way you’re not also filing that way so I went ahead and assembled the table
a little bit and Katelyn hasn’t seen it so I’m gonna go get her and show her how it looks
ohohohoho oh my gosh it looks like a table now it looks really good it’s like the right
heft now you know it’s beefy enough now so now we just have to add a few more pocket
holes and then it’s time to finish it to be safe we’re also putting some glue here so
that these two faces will hold onto each other pocket screws are just more for reinforcement
yay so everything’s assembled now we have to fill in a few little gaps with wood putty
this is a walnut specific wood putty we used it when we were with Johnny Brooke in his
shop and liked it a lot so we’re gonna use it again today and now it’s time for everyone’s
favorite part finishing I mean that’s kinda what we’ve been doing applying the finish
hope you guys liked this episode this was so much fun for us to build the same design
could be used like a desk if you just stretched it out or it could be a bench if you shrunk
it down this is a really versatile design and we’re gonna have plans linked below to
make one yourself I know we kind of played up the hole pocket holes joinery thing but
we really do think both are good both have uses where they make sense we’re really glad
that we went with box joints on the joints that were visible and we’re glad we did pocket
holes for the stuff that’s hidden if you like this video and you wanna support us making
more you can head over to shop evan and katelyn dot com for shirts like these and other things
or makers vote dot com if you want these specific shirts makers vote dot com yeah you can also
head over to patreon dot come slash evan and katelyn to get exclusive behind the scenes
videos and updates and our aftershow and our aftershow thanks for watching bye yes yes
you ok what’s happening ladies hahaha tape tape measuring tape you’re like zen garadening
right now how does using pocket holes on walnut make you feel let us know in the comments
hahaha I can do this I can do this oh it smells good it does smell good hahahaha

96 thoughts on “Modern Entryway Table using Finger Joints & Pocket Holes

  1. You guys know that wood expands and contracts right?….
    Right..? So what do you think is going to happen when you glued and screwed everything together?….. anyone, anyone… bueller……bueller? Yep! It's gonna crack and twist, and warp & rock. You guys need to stick with small craft items and leave the furniture to the professionals.

  2. Very nice sideboard table. Did you ever think of going for a dovetail joint instead of a finger joint, or was it the tools available that decided which type you went for?

  3. Great looking table! I love the animated Jonny Brooke! ha ha. Psssst….use oil based finish on walnut next time. 😉

  4. No shame in using pocket holes. You guys did it right. Show joinery (box joints) where it shows, pocket holes where it doesn't. If I'm really worried about all those pocket holes, I've got the Kreg Pocket Hole plug maker and make plugs from off-cuts of the material I am making the piece with. Almost always match well. Nice looking piece.

  5. I am pro joinery so I can avoid having to buy screws and later if I want to “repurpose” the piece I don’t have to worry about hitting a screw while cutting.

    That being said I still use screws in certain situations as this video demonstrates.

    They both serve a purpose.

  6. Of course great work, but I want from you guys to mention the tool name that you are using so that we could have better understanding of tools as well.

  7. The lighter sapwood in walnut is usually cut away, but I think it adds character. Sometimes the sapwood is a little wormy, or gets eaten by beetle larvae. The darker heartwood is more resistant to bugs.

  8. This channel is literally more useful than my design technology teacher is for trying to teach me for GCSEs!! Literally never heard of pocket holes before this and had no real idea of how to work with wood properly before finding this channel. Thanks for actually being informative and making cool things

  9. looks great. if you can its best to rip your own wood. majority of the time the dimensional lumber is never straight and true.

  10. You make a great case of using both joints and pocket holes, that's the type of sponsoring I think as best case.I guess you don't always have that choice.
    And it's nice to see where it goes and what it replaces.

    Upgrade, in every sense.

  11. Robin: Holy box joints, Batman! What are you watching?
    Batman: Easy old friend, it's just these merry makers, Evan and Katelyn.
    Robin: All that laughing made think the Penguin released laughing gas on Gotham again.
    Batman: Hardly, Boy Wonder. These water gun wunderkind have merely made some money-making melee marketed as
    Robin: Promoting pocketholes perplexes me more than the Penguin's propensity for voluminous vaping.
    Batman: Don't be glued to such a prefabbed perspective, Robin! These innovative iterators are awakening woodworkers to the ways of wielding whatever joint is right for the job.
    Robin: Well jostling joint jigs, Batman! I hadn't wondered about it that way.
    Batman: And these jolly jesters say woe is the woodworker who doesn't use Wix when working on websites to wow the world with their whittled wares.

  12. I remember doing finger joints in woodworking at school, and we had to do them with junior hacksaws then hand sand them. it was a Hot Mess. this way looks infinitely faster and better!

  13. you guys are great, you're clearly enthusiastic about what you do and it shows in the videos, nice work ❤️ also congratulations on 100k

  14. Love you guys ! And never feel guilty for doing what you feel like even if some despise it !
    Do things for yourself, nothing else is relevant

  15. as a carpenter i give you a tip thay you may know but still in stead of useing the (what ever wood you use) in this case the walnut putty/woodfiller for the joints and the small holes, you can use mix simple wood glue and fine Sawdust of which wood you use and put that in the holes and on in on the joints.

    i love your work. its realy nice and well done

  16. Nice project and equally nice finger joints/box joints. However, the number and way you installed the top to the leg section will lead to your top splitting when the weather gets really dry. And that is because you put so many pocket screws in and have no ability for the wood to move during different humidities. I know this for fact because I have seen it over and over again. You always install table tops so that when the wood expands and contracts, it doesn't get trapped and can't move. JMHO

  17. I think I would have liked it more with the legs flipped so the dark table top was against the darker half of the legs. Ombré!!!

  18. You two crack me up nice to see you enjoying your woodwork ,table turned out really nice love the contrast of the walnut.
    Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

  19. Very nice looking entry table, I love it! If you haven't already, you should throw some oil based polyurethane on some of your walnut scraps… it really brings out the richness of the wood. Perhaps not what you were going for with this stylish table, but for the right project it's amazing.

  20. As a person literally studying to teach our youth how to use tools and have practical skills this is the scariest channel I have seen in a long time you are promoting these videos as educational videos and they are wrong in so many way that it is frustrating that you have gotten this far off of false ideas of wood working and practical skills for example at 6:25 you say that the pocket screws are just for reinforcement to the glue so…. the glue is the primary connection here? and @Crafted Workshop do you think they could have spent 4 seconds on google to find that out!

  21. I'm totally not handy with tools, but I watch your channel just for your personalities- you guys are super funny! 👍🏼

  22. Nice video, I like it, entertaining with some humor. I have never used pocket holes myself, but have nothing against them. My opinion is what ever works for you, finish product looks good.

    Wonder if you could check out my video and let me know what you think :

  23. just subscribed, by any chance have you guys thought about making a video on making those tables that have connections to power outlets on the table middle, side like the ones you find at cafes?

  24. I binged most of yr videos in one night…… really unhealthy….i dont need sleep idk wut yr talk about

  25. As always, I love your videos! One issue you might run into down the road is with expansion and contraction of your table top with seasonal movement, especially where you live. The number of pocket screws you used prevents the top from moving at all, which sounds good, but might lead to it cracking. Normally when you screw a solid wood top to a table base, you elongate the holes to allow sideways movement across the grain. On small enough pieces, it's not as much of a worry, but when you get into furniture, it's something you need to plan for.

  26. It's Titled?!
    I don't know if its the camera angle, garage door or your height difference but Katelyn's side seems taller?
    Awesome vids btw, I enjoy your channel a lot.

  27. EvanAndKatelyn have you ever considered making a cat tree out of that large stick in your background ? or some kind of tree branch?

  28. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  29. Love that this entry table could be revisited and added to, like a crayon melted river covered in epoxy resin being carved into the center.

  30. Tape. Tape. Measuring tape-

    (I know this comment isn't original but I still find it hilarious)

  31. My favorite part of all your videos is that you always do a bunch of tests and show it verses other diy channels dont as much

  32. I'm slowing going through and watching all of your vidoes and I have to ask… what are you going to do when you finally run out of home renovations (individual furniture pieces and full room makeovers)? Also, I really want to see a full kitchen makeover.

  33. That’s so nice 😍 do the plans come with the cuts for the home improvement store? For the finger joints? Would they do that? Thanks!

  34. The Blue Danube Waltz background music to the finishing sequence was great. However, I kept thinking about a shuttle docking with a space station for some reason…. 🙂

  35. Really cool guys. It's a clean and warm desing table and is kinda easy to do. But you could use a stopped mortise & tenon instead of that joints for a wood floaty pile aesthetics. But it is a fine woodwork though.

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