M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach Technology

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach Technology

I’m Mark Upshaw, and about five years ago
my wife and I started M&M Welding. We do work all over the state of California. We
do a lot of different types of welding here. Primarily we’re mobile welding. Our
customers need high-quality welds — critical welds — but they also need the
job done quick and efficient. Mark is one of the few welders that actually has an
abundance of really up-to-date equipment. He’s able to deal with any kind of
welding job that that we’ve asked him to do. The way he keeps his business up to
date has really been a critical asset to us. Here at Cummings we’re going down
inside vacuum tanks. We prefer the ArcReach system because of the difficulty
getting in and out of these tanks. On our normal day you’ve got to change quite a
bit because the tank bottom is quite a bit thinner, and in some places so you
got to turn it way down. You don’t want to crawl out 30 times to change it, and
when you just got it right there it’s way faster, way better. Prior to the ArcReach we would have to have an outside man going back and forth from the power
source. We figure that ArcReach probably saves us a couple of hours a day. It’s
cut our costs considerably. Safety, time, money — everything is better with the ArcReach setup.

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