what’s going on everybody we Baghdady
begin this time around go ahead and do a new series new episode on the show that’s what I prefer personnel these is
always hard so captain maverick let’s get it going
we got do all this my Corona to be drowned smooth as silk can I keep just days before the 40-round
MLB Draft some lesser-known prospects get one last chance to make an
impression at Bowman Scout Day I put on my glasses before taking his
swings this prospect shares a word with another prospect who just finished up you’re out No come on baby give me one there we go
again pick it up there we go oh that’s foul that’s that I gotta get here this time
around do we get it yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about man here we go
hold the Torah as a way to hurry overly excited man I’m telling you I just wanted to this build it real
quick sometimes it only takes a simple word or
two to establish trust and which helps during evaluation let’s get the drill small boys a bit
less oh come on baby eat it here we go oh oh
you see a double play now Oh ball-ball sunshine still don’t double place yeah buddy one more time why even the peachy dough done for the day and heading back to the
locker room this player is met by one of the scouts in attendance that’s what I did to make me they’ll
just everyone has a personality even a ballplayer that personality influences
how they respond to their teammates in their coaches see how well I do this time around see
what we’re gonna do get drafted in the 15th round again afternoon baseball here on the show
today we get the ball rolling with an intriguing matchup on day one between
the prospects from the central region and those representing the West regi Stratton a right-hander from the
Garden State of New Jersey gets the ball here what do you have for us sound and
Binney hey this guy has a four pitch repertoire right and those are a lot of
nice options to have you can go hard soft you can go in and out and anytime
you have pitches if you can throw for strikes you know now at the plate parry
Allen as he’ll get his first opportunity in this one that one’s right down the
middle for a strike with the fastball pretty good pitch to hit there that he
let go I know it’s early they’re probably wanting to run his pitch count
up but he may not get another pitch like that the swing at the rest of the game
and this is gonna wind up as extra bases as that’ll played one for sure and maybe
a second and the run will score from second in the score is the runner from
first it’s a three nothing game wow that’s one of those bats will look back
on with satisfaction when it’s all said and done it’s always nice to show the
scouts that you can blast a double and drive and runs at this level but to do
it with two outs is even better shows the scouts that you have the
mental toughness to step up a big situation digging in Xavier
Campbell will swing it from the left side right here yeah he’s not quite as
powerful the left side he’s certainly not Chipper Jones red
from both sides of the plate much more pop hitting right-handed trying to bunt
his way on as he gets this one down Alan and an off-balance throw is in time as
he takes one away Wow into the box now Harold Allen as he’s
got a chance to tie this ballgame up with that equalizing run just 90 feet
away at third ready to deliver here’s the first pitch one about halfway there
but it’s a called strike regardless that’s strike two on a well-placed
changeup around the knees make two pitches at the knees right now and
you’re down Oh – this is where you got a fight I want to see a two-strike
approach maybe a little choked up maybe a little fight up the middle the other
way line back into this count and here’s the ball in the air now carrying a bit
out toward right center the catch is made deep in the alley and here comes
the runner from third and a score from third as the tying run it’s a six to six
ballgame stepping in Robert Haskett they try to follow up the darkling his last
at-bat was another big hit right here yeah here now the two – Oh left side to
second for one on the first and it’s a double play although the run does come
in to score from third wow that’s what you want to see from your middle
infielders a really nice turn but the feed was great too
he fields the ball smoothly and gets rid of it right on time and on target
pitching and hitting gets most of the headlines here at the tops amateur
showcase but these Scouts will take note of that play I can guarantee that ready
for another shot now Xavier de Vere Campbell hard ground ball to third
and that’s through for a hint ready once again Salomon Nunez 1 for 2
on his line so far in the game no the set and the 1/1 is it 2/3 is he
gonna get out of this over to first he does get out of it and the inning is
over so they load the bases on just one hit but three men are left stranded on
to the top of any number 5 we go the weststar’s lead this one 7 to 6
how batter now to hopefully Harry Allen earned himself an RBI with a sac fly his
last time at the plate flyball heading for the alley and that
ball gets down out near the wall and should be extra bases he hit the corner
and tries for third and he’s safe triples are rare in any game but they’re
really rare the tops amateur showcase talk about rising to the occasion he’s
got to be pumped because he knows better than anybody that these Scouts would
love to have a guy that can produce like that and their lineup so stepping in here on Allen Hill lead
it off here as we begin inning number seven the first pitch to him was the
fastball that gets the lower part of the zone called for a strike good pitch
right there from the reliever tough for hitters to do much with pitches in that
location unless they’re looking for here’s a chopper to first and the own
balance throw beats him at first and that’s a tough play stepping into the box Perry Alan though
you’re looking for something you could drive into the gap and drive pulling
that time run from first this is hit high in the air out toward left-center
and that’ll get down out there for extubation all the way from first to score it’s an
8 8 ball game Wow he is definitely having a day he
won’t soon forget that’s his second double of the game here at the top
amateur showcase and he’s quickly distinguishing himself as the star of
this show well you could rise above the competition that is this good you’re
doing yourself a favor and earning yourself some future money +1 9 to 8 at
the end of the game in this one the West posted a three-run first to propel them
to the wind Ivan span of takes home the win so that
just about does it for Mark DeRosa Dan please a can our entire crew I’m Matt
vasgersian you’ve been watching MLB the show for more make your way on over to
the show for the web 914 Damien Moyer a right-hander from North
Carolina is the man on the mound what’s your take on him dan hey Matt this guy
is a real good two seam fastball and you’ll know if it’s good because uh good
run and sinking action to his arm side he’ll throw it to all four quadrants of
the plate standing in Mariano Gonzales first
Chancellor in here in the top of the first with nobody on good solid a
bouncer to the left side Alan today and a bit of a higher though that time but
no problem over there at first as they record the out nothing doing here in the
opening half inning on now to the bottom of any number one with no score after a
half an inning coming to the plate now terrence
gonzalez and he could give his guys in early lead if he got them through here
good solid boy not this again his third walk of the inning as that misses for
ball four now in the box harry ellen you’ll get to take alan
getting a few steps off a second there now the pitch and no I’m swinging
apparently ball one great job to be able to lay off that pitch right there you
could tell the minute it came out of his hand his eyes lit up at the plate now a
fastball for a called strike it’s 1 & 1 Roach leads off second with nobody out two balls and two strikes now and what bitch piggy yours fastball that ran in and drilled him
well this were a regular season game he’d be happy to take first base any way
that he could but after seeing this is a showcase game where he wants to show the
world what he can do with the bat he has to be a little bit disappointed
nobody stock of a rose by hitting B that’s for sure so striding forward now
Harry he’s got to be looking for vengeance after getting 12 in his last
at-bat here’s the first pitch to him DoublePlay ball to second for 6-3 but
it’s not in time and they’ll just get the one into the box now Terrance
Gonzalez Oh for one with a run scored those four there’s one relay to first in
time and just like that this side is retired around the horn they go five to
four to three to end the threat mark Dan and I are back with more enters to do
the pitching in the bottom of the sixth number 23 add leading off the inning
Harry Allen and they’ll need him to get something going here here comes the
first pitch just able to get a piece of that for strike one hey like you can up
there let’s go he’s ready here’s the oh one slap hard
the opposite way and that’ll get down out there near the wall throw into
second not in telling him and he’s in there with a double yeah that’s the kind
of at-bat that proves to these scouts and front office personnel that you’re a
guy that could contribute at the next level knocks a solid double they’re
putting himself at this scoring position and showing the world he’s more than
capable of being effective offensive weapon on any roster now at the play
Perry house on two outs and two runners aboard here in the seventh inning Allen
first pitch of the at-bat line drive allowed Gonzales is there now
to put this one away for the third out as they’ll strand that potential
go-ahead run it in now Perry Adam that they’ll be looking for something they
drive into the gap and drive home that time from first and a dive but he’s back
in there and another throw over and he’ll get
back in safely hey your turn right there he’s on the rope let’s go driving man here’s the first pitch to him smoke
toward the hole on he has some trouble with it yeah he’s at this showcase to show what
he can do and if he could string a few ladies like that together he’s going to
see his stock rise and keep rising nothing spectacular just a solid base
knock into the box Harry Allen about a winning run as a base here’s the first
pitch oh and this is low ball one possible winning run aboard here nobody
out grounder down the line at third but a
foul ball one and one the bouncers on the left side he’s got a
hurry okay we’re not trying to reinvent the
wheel here it’s really pretty simple he’s here at the showcase to show Scouts
he can contribute at the major league level when he has at-bats like that one
notching solid base hits the scouts are gonna sit up and take notice digging in Harry Allen was getting three
hissing it doubled at this point the third baseman first pitch of the at-bat
on its way to low wanna know a ball and two strikes hey drive that
bitch on he’s go high in the air out towards shallow
right cruz has it in his tracks and that’s the first out of the inning striding in harry has got a chance to
end this one and send these fans home happy you can get a ball deep enough
into the gap here’s the first pitch and here’s a fastball called for strike one
now I’m sure these infielders know it but this hitter can burn down the base
line so he puts a ground ball in play the defense is gonna have to make a
perfect turn to turn to barely able to make contact down oh and sue now might
have been cheating for another fastball trying to get the head to that one early
pitcher pulled the string with a nasty breaking ball and had him a little bit
out in front and another foul ball ready with another two-strike offering
hits softly down the line at first my into the right subject in there a
base hit throw comes in quickly so the winning
run advances to second now with only one away stranding forward now is the da
salad that Royce is both for poor with a strike out thus far watch the third throw on to first to gun riding in once again Harry Boleyn he’s
looking for number five in this one right here here’s the first pitch
fastball too high to start him out here wanna know this is one of the big
consequences of playing into extra innings it’s really taxing on your
bullpen and sometimes guys like this have to throw a lot more pitches than
they’re used to called strike at the knees one and one comes back with a
fastball 1 & 2 now if I’m the guy in the batter’s box right here I have to take a
step out adjust my batting gloves take the pull side out of it because that was
three fast-paced on the road it sharply toward the right side and that’s into
the outfield for a one-out base hit head runs up ii now with only one away the +18 to seven is how it finishes
today the central used a three-run ninth to help propel them to the wind
Greg Cologne for his credit it with with nothing left to do but await his
fate this young hopeful receives a check-in
from his former high school coach who’s been acting as his advisor through the
process welcome back to the Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft the
first pay is officially on the clock with the first pick the Baltimore
Orioles select Giuseppe Stapleton as floating pitcher from the West Region
with the third pitch the Chicago White Sox select Terry Allen a third baseman
from the central region through a long and lonely first two days of the MLB
Draft this players wait is finally over while being selected is a major
milestone new trick after impressively finishing out his
draft year in a development Lee this prospect has been sent to open the
following season with a double-a Club this new player meets his double-a coach
for the first time and receives some sagely advice about what it takes to be
successful outside of the gym or field let’s get our yeah the draft is over wood we are with the
Chicago White Sox checking out of the series in the minor league system

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