Minuteman: Using the SA-18 Igla – Battlefield 4

Minuteman: Using the SA-18 Igla – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Let’s get right into this. The SA-18 is a surface-to-air missile available to the Engineer
class. In order to hit your target, it requires you to aim-down-sight at your target for the
entire time that it’s in flight. Today’s minuteman tip is this: if you’re targeting
an enemy aircraft, and they pop flares, don’t give up. Simply wait for the flares to end
and re-acquire your target. Your missile, if it’s still in flight, will reacquire its
target automatically. You can use this homing feature to great effect,
as you can target an aircraft, fire a missile, begin your reload, and reacquire, making sure
to let the first missile impact your target. If you’re lucky, your target will already
have blown their countermeasures, and you can simply follow up with an immediate second
shot. This will do a quick 70 damage to any aircraft,
and the two criticals may even be enough to send them crashing into the ground. Be aware
the SA-18 can take a bit to lock on, so you need to be in a safe place when you’re performing
this trick. This quick tip works with any tracking weapon,
including the HVM-II. I find the SA-18 works best on open maps like Paracel Storm and Golmud
Railway. On other maps, try using the Stinger. Thanks for watching, YouTube, and happy hunting!

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  1. Good stuff man however I still think the stinger is better due the shoot and forget, that way you shoot your missile and pay attention to the battlefield at the same time

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