Minuteman – How to One-Shot Armor – One Minute Battlefield 4 (BF4) Tips

Minuteman – How to One-Shot Armor – One Minute Battlefield 4 (BF4) Tips

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Today’s one minute tip is all about how
to one-shot any armored vehicle. It’s super effective. The LAV, MAA, and Tanks each have 1000 hitpoints
while the AMTRAC has more at about 1250. In general, this means that an RPG is going to
take about 3-5 rounds to destroy a given vehicle. For the most part, vehicle drivers are going
to blow you away before you take this many shots. Armor drivers tend to get very skittish when
they take even a single hit. They’ll start moving, turn on their countermeasures, and
their guard goes up. My solution is to not waste the opportunity of the first shot. Simply place two anti-tank mines near the
vehicle (SLAMs will not work in this case), take a few steps back, and let the rocket
fly. The mines alone are enough to blow up any Tank, LAV, or MAA, but you’ll want to
make sure you’re using an RPG with the AMTRAC to finish it off in one shot. Just like knifing, this requires the player
to be pretty unaware, so it works best on the MAA. That’s it for today’s one minute
tip, as always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

30 thoughts on “Minuteman – How to One-Shot Armor – One Minute Battlefield 4 (BF4) Tips

  1. The fact how few people know a trick this basic is why I love the fact you're doing these videos. Guarantee most of this stuff translates from one game to another, since this one for instance is already as old as rockets and mines in the series 😀

  2. one of my favorite ways to kill a tank/maa used to be to put mines down and then throw a flashbang. getting killed by a flashbang was the ultimate troll. sadly, dice destroyed flashbang so they no longer trigger explosives. you can still use a sniper, or grenade, or of course your method, but I will always miss my flashbang trolling. seeing chat light up with hacusations was half the fun.

  3. This doesn't work with the SLAM? 🙁
    Will it work if I use 3 SLAMs and an RPG to the butt?
    Surely that would work

  4. Speaking of, can SLAMs be removed from a source like the repair tool? I imagine getting at least 4 will make certain doom for any armored vehicle.

  5. Incredible tip man, thanx, do you know the pocket amunition bug that gives you extra ammo!, it is bananas

  6. Another nice minuteman episode, if you try to do this on your own you need luck… seasoned veterans are not easy to sneak behind and they don't camp their vehicle often.

  7. This would work for me if people weren't so skittish on pc. And if slams were usable it would be better. I think I'll just stick to the rpg.

  8. I've been doing three mines with a grenade for a while now when trying to save RPGs, but I wasn't aware that you could place two, then shoot the vehicle (not the mines). Well played, sir.

  9. after finding this video, i started flying the attack jets with M15 and RPGs with AT field upgrade. if the AA disabled me (and i mean the MAA on maps where each team has his own MAA) ,i jump out, stealthly do this to that c*nt, and write in chat: "eat sh*t and drop dead camping f*ck"

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