Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

The work you
do has a lasting impact. An impact that benefits many, for many generations to come. That work is your legacy. And together, we create that legacy. Together, what we make
stands the test of time. Together, WE BUILD. This is your time. Time to build something
that changes the world. Something that lasts. Something legendary. Together, WE BUILD.

6 thoughts on “Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

  1. I liked it.. it almost had this futuristic "call to arms" kinda vibe to it..

    One day a 1000 years from now, Miller will be selling robots with artificial intelligence for deep space colony repair.. and it'll be the same ad, with different models of robots advertised. haha..  (well that is as long as the leadership at the company continues to do right and it remains financially sound, and each subsequent generation of management does right)

    #Humor #ProbablyGoingToHappen  

  2. well if I were to win a welder I would use it for all of my various unfinished projects on my f350, boat wakeboard tower, or old RV. But first i would start with helping my friend rebuilding and modding his go kart / dune buggies. They are really cool. I want to stretch one and add a larger motor. I am thinking a small 4 banger on a go kart or break down and do a motorcycle engine swap. I keep telling him he has the base for a great budget buggie. My cheap welder broke but with a Miller Welder we can bring it to life. that would be a really cool project. Miller Welding… would you be willing to sponsor a youtube build series.

  3. Women are in welding. We do exist, we may be a small part of the field but we are there. Its hard to show videos like this for recruitment when it is all males. I try my hardest to help recruit into this field and it makes it a hard sell to females. We are part of the welding force!

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