Miller PAPR with T94-R Welding Helmets

Miller PAPR with T94-R Welding Helmets

Miller powered air purifying respirator
with T94-R series respiratory welding helmets. Designed to protect
against weld fume exposure and improve compliance in the most demanding
environments. Lightweight superior balance design reduces fatigue and neck
strain boosting productivity and comfort. Patent-pending dual tech manifold system
optimizes air flow for high performance output, maximizing perceived cooling.
Adjustable interior vents and dual air speeds provide customized airflow.
Lightweight low-profile blower assembly provides all-day comfort. Shoulder straps
distribute weight to alleviate lower back pain. Low profile breathing tube
attachment eases on and off, stays flat against back for easy movement. Audible
and vibrating alarms notify operators in noisy environments. Lithium-ion battery
provides up to eight hours of light. Immune to memory retention. T94-R
features external grind button for seamless weld to grind transitions with
a touch of a button. T94-IR features an integrated oversized grind shield for
optimal vision. Both helmets feature exclusive ClearLight™ auto darkening
lens technology, optimizes clarity for better welds and less rework. Natural
lens color reduces eye fatigue. NIOSH certified, OSHA assigned protection
factor of 25. Engineered for comfort to keep the helmet on driving productivity,
safety, and compliance. Miller powered air purifying respirator with T94-R
series respiratory welding helmets designed by welders for welders.

13 thoughts on “Miller PAPR with T94-R Welding Helmets

  1. Does this work better than a regular respirator like the ellipse or is a regular respirator still technically better

  2. Hook me up with one ill buy the helmet if you can give me a air system 😀 i work 70 hours a week 6-7 days a week. Doing millwright work on asphalt plants all across the north east. Lots of confined space welding religning hoppers for aggregates and mainly re ligning the rolled steel on the whole inside of a 50 foot long aggregate dryer for hot mix asphalt I caNT AFFORD THE PURIFICATION SYSTEMS BUT I WOULD USE IT DAILY AND CHERISH IT. I'd give you guys a full video review of the helmet using it in my daily tasks. If you can even break me a deal id be really interested in buying one i have a digital elite now and have for the past 3 years i love it, see if you can hook me up id be honored and make you any vid you wanted.

  3. "Silence, Earthling! My name is Darth Vader, I am an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan!"

    Jokes aside, this looks badass.

  4. I was fortunate to wear one of this protections and, it was the best investment I ever made because I am 70,retired,and still in good health because of it.

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