Mig pipe fillet / CO2 파이프 필렛 쉽쥬?? / 5F자세(posithion)

Mig pipe fillet / CO2 파이프 필렛 쉽쥬?? / 5F자세(posithion)

Hi, I’m going to try to weld the CO2 fillet in 5F. I removed the membrane of the steel plate first. We’ll start welding. I’m going to start with the left gastrointestinal area. I filmed this video while changing the black glass. For 1pass welding, a small amount of gastric ice is required. This is the lower left viewing section. current, voltage This is the lower view section of the upper right view. We did a little bit of the same thing on the left. 1pass Surface Bead After you work on the grinder, start welding 2 pass. Stay on both sides and weld. I’ve finished the welding. Let’s look at the exterior. If you liked my video, subscribe. All right. Please. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Mig pipe fillet / CO2 파이프 필렛 쉽쥬?? / 5F자세(posithion)

  1. 퍼펙트한 용접입니다
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    저는 선생님께서 촬영감독님을
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  2. 비주얼 굉장히 좋습니다. 철판과 파이프 간에 용입이 잘 되어 있는지가 궁금 하네요.^^?

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