Microwave Gold Melt Pt2

Microwave Gold Melt Pt2

this is about five minutes and the water hasn’t
even been boiling inside but it is steaming a little bit, so
ok, so I put it in one microwave, not for thirty
minutes, but for about fifteen minutes
and then it started getting too hot in the microwave, so I switched it
to the other one, for about four and a half minutes. it has gotten hot enough, all
the water id gone. and uh…
this uh… paper napkin and uh… that i have in there is starting to burn,
or something in there is starting to burn so it’s actually getting pretty dang hot
um so we’re coming up to temperature now, and
I’m just going to keep it going probably switch from microwave to microwave
about every three to four minutes.
It definitely works well having two microwaves to switch between.
I’ve been switching it every three to four minutes to avoid getting the microwave ovens
too hot. after about, a good twenty, twenty five minutes
of good heavy microwave time, I’ve gotten it red hot.
look at the, point it down in there. See how hot it is getting
so it’s doing real nice gotten
it’s got a nice orange heat going, and uh, I just got to keep it going
It works real nice to leave the door open so that my microwave oven
so that microwave can cool while I put everything in the other
with good heavy leather work gloves I can barely feel the heat
that insulation works real well about not transfering too much heat
it looks like it’s working real well, once you get it red hot
its pretty efficient at absorbing the microwaves the rough spot is getting from where you boil
off the water to getting stuff red hot
It should go pretty fast now. I’m feeling the microwave with my hands
to make sure that I can still touch all surfaces You see that it is starting to
get some burn marks in there it’s starting to get pretty hot um…
i’ll show you everything is red hot on the inside of that little furnace thing
or actually orange hot, a notch up from red I will show that next time I pull it out
I was going to cancel the time on this one clear off and put fifteen more minutes back
on it just a quick view as to
what this thing looks like after thirty minutes in the microwave
you see that is good, good heat going in there
so, it’s time to jack it on up, I’m trying to melt some gold here
alright, this is what it looks like after about thirty five minutes of cook time
boy, nice and hot there is still like
char from that paper napkin that was in there everything else good red hot
but not liquid yet I guess you got a good look at it
okay my microwave oven is starting to take some
serious heat there in the middle I’m going to do something about that.
I’m going to put some more of my insulation down there to give it some more protection.
There, I just put three little spacers there in the bottom
of insulation just to keep that whole thing off
microwave right there in the center. Because the center of this thing is where
it’s the hottest. Ok, so, in the middle, the heat is really
starting to build up, right on the bottom.
It was burning the bottom of my microwave. I just put four little spacers of insulation…
over here keep the bottom up off, where air can get
up underneath there it really helps
the microwave Ok, it’s about forty five minutes and this
is the kind of temperatures we are getting everything’s all melted down and a lot of
heat comming out of there I was looking, not in the camera … it’s
hot. Actually, I think it looks hotter on the camera
than it does in real life.
I still gotta go… Alright, this is what it looks like after
about, it seems like about an hour It seems like I’m kind of stagnate on temperature
It doesn’t seem like I’m getting any hotter, so, uh…
I’m going to let it cool here, outside of the microwave
and see what i got in fact uh…
It just doesn’t seem to be getting any hotter so I’m gonna open that up
so it can cool while I’m gone. I’ve got to go get some pizza for the kids.

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  1. I think it's a great video! U are experimenting to learn new things instead of sitting on ur butt in front of a television soaking in all the bs! Regardless of the outcome I commend u for your curiosity and commitment to learning.

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