Microwave Gold Melt Pt1

Microwave Gold Melt Pt1

what I have here is borax
regular household borax I bought it from ebay, but
you can get it in a local hardware store.
then I have here some quartz rock that I washed
it’s nice and clean I washed it in boiling HCL.
here’s the gold; I still have some water in there
makes it easier to get out. Then I have spectracide stump remover
that’s an easy source of potassium nitrate.
so that’s gonna be a flux use just a tiny little bit of it to be an
oxidizer then when all of this stuff is melting,
if there are any base metals that are still left
it will help make an oxide out of them and
they will absorb into the glass, the borax and quartz glass
Ok, I’m going to put the gold into my graphite crucible.
It’s tiny, but there’s very little gold so i won’t need much space.
Although, I am worried about it overflowing so i will contain it within this larger
crucible I’m worried because the borax and stuff
tends to foam up. I’m going to put it down in there like that.
I will start with my quartz. I probably won’t even use all that.
I’m going to get a scoop of the borax, and then the gold
I’m just going to take my crucible back out of here for now.
Oh, I almost forgot, the potassium nitrate…
just a little bit of that. now we scoop the gold out of here
I have the water in there, makes it easier for me to get the gold out.
I scoop it out wet. That helps it stick to the inside of the crucible
and it’s less likely to blow out that way my flux and stuff
Ok, I’m definitely not going to be able to do this holding the camera,
but you get the idea, the gold goes from the pot to the crucible
I’m just adding a few pinches of this stuff
my flux stuff water and all
water actually helps absorb microwaves at the beginning.
From what I understand, it’s a long haul from the time the water is gone
until the glass is like red hot. because it’s hard to absorb microwaves.
Alright, so this is all loaded up. These are just some insulating panels of very
light material that will not absorb too many microwaves
I’ve also cut as much of that away as i possibly can
There’s a nice little seat down there for my crucible.
The lid goes on top. now some people…
that’s what it looks like on the outside some people will modify the microwave ovens
with extra vents i will try to get past the heat problem, over-heating
the microwave by uh… switching from one microwave to the other
and then letting one cool… between.
…and that folks, and this is how you make gold.
You be careful, because you don’t want to be rich
too much work. I’m going to put it in for
thirty three minutes. So, how long did we set the first one for?
ummmm, three minutes thirty minutes
thirty minutes and we’ll probably check it in about ten
And this one we only set for fifteen, because as it heats up and gets hotter,
we’ll have to swap them more rapidly.

2 thoughts on “Microwave Gold Melt Pt1

  1. Hi Im sort of stupid.  I am interested tho.  My question is after the gold falls off the chips ect into the jar as a precipitate and you are left with what looks like gold flake sludge, is it necessary to continue adding chemicals to turn it into a liquid or can you just place it into a crucible at that point with flux and microwave?  It seems to me that you can actually see the gold and the heat should separate it leaving a crust outside with gold in center.  Remember Im stooped.  I just don't want to have to buy all those chemicals and continue thru a parcipitation, I want to skip that part after the gold has been stripped from the electronic parts and go straight into smelting.  Id like to just invest in a microwave kiln some crucibles and flux and a mold and that be it..is this possible?

  2. This will fix a drought , which in turn fixes famine. . This is just not a math problem . Its THE MATH PROBLEM . Electricity turns Magnetrons = Magnetrons heat gold (by directing the microwaves straight at the gold)= Melted gold.Melted gold is 1947.52 degrees F. It turns into a gas state if pushed to boiling point. (Gold boils at 5173 degrees F) . After that it starts turning into a gas. . Keep in mind 5000 is 10 times as hot as a nuclear power plant. So you could set a thermostat to keep the temp. at 5000(this keeps the gold from turning into a gas).(unless you want to go hotter) = Really HOT. This turns water into steam like nothing . The steam turns the Turbine Generators producing huge amounts of electricity. Then the steam travels up because heat rises , cools and condenses back into clean water. Where it is collected and returns into the system. Where it can be used again. Since hot steam rises it will carry the steam up.When it cools the tank will be above the system.It will then have pressure.(like a water tower) When it feeds back down use it again to turn the Magnetrons, or more generators.The water is then sent back to the reactor, where it returns back into steam repeating the process. By Joshua Franklin Allen. If you have any questions just ask. The reason this is so important is because Gold in inert , and doesn't break down . Which equals no more fuel needed. No nuclear waste, and no enriched uranium.Which means no nuclear weapons.This would have prevented the melt down in Japan. We could survive in the worst conditions with this.It's also is safer so it can be moved closer to where its needed. For water it could be used to clean it. This would need a different design , the dirty water would come in from the source. Then the steam would clean it when it distills it. Then the clean water can be used. You could water your fields with salt water. The only problem is your left with waste . So the tanks would change out so it can be cleaned with a bulldozer(The tanks move through it , like a train, so it could just keep driving, the waste is in the tanks). So that it's easy, and simple to maintain. Depending on the waters contents , sometimes this could be useful. (salt,gold) . So in this case it would produce something.This can be modified for many reasons, so be responsible. I call it the " Ark of Joshua " By: Joshua Franklin Allen

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