Metal Slug XX – Launch Trailer | PS4

100 thoughts on “Metal Slug XX – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Que merda, podiam ter melhorado e remodelado o jogo, ao invés disso só colocaram mais um personagem e as mesmas fases dos jogos anteriores no mesmo jogo. VSF

  2. Dear developers, I know it's hard and takes effort, but If you're going to release a successful game from the past you might aswell do a remake revamping graphics and textures. Follow Capcom's example with Resident 2. You'll be highly rewarded for it. Thank you.

  3. ja, and i see it till now, well, again a mix of all MS, not bad at all, but when u gonna make a new one?, we need it, we need a new MS, but i doubt if u are ready and have the people to make this game evolve, or not change the style at all

  4. envés de comprarme el disco que está caro mejor me compro la ps2 ya que los gráficos son los mismo eres tonto si t la crees que es 4k esa basura

  5. SNK en vez de sacar nuevos niveles de metal slug, saca una remasterisacion de un juego ya remasterisado, estos juegos pueden resurgir otra vez pero no se puede porque SNK es muy olgazan para sacar nuevos niveles.

  6. Where is the start button which ask to get on the game on my ps4 controller? I try all the buttons. Please if someone can help

  7. I didn't watch this trailer that's sad it been one year from PlayStation no notification on youtube! I gonna buy this full game I love it!

  8. I bought the Metal Slug 3 ps4 before realizing this existed.



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