Metal Shaping with Lazze: Rolling a Bead with a Wire Edge

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal
shaping. And I’m here back again now on YouTube with tips and tricks. And on this little video
I going to show you how to make this wire edge where we put the wire in and the bead.
And this was a question that I had almost from the first class when I started the classes
in Sweden from student how can you make that wire edge because so many old fenders was
broken. And I didn’t have the answer for many, many years. But when I once figure it out
how to do it it doesn’t take long time. So that’s what I going to show you here pretty
quick in the bead roller, a little hammer and dolly work, and then the bead roller again,
and then we going to have the part. So here I am over to the bead roller and I going to
show you how to first roll this edge around that wire that goes inside. I cut this out
in the radius and it’s the radius of the fender and plus 5/16 or 8 mm. So I have for that
extra material to go around the wire. I have set up this die. So I am using this as a guide
for in a curve because I can’t use this red guide. And then I have a round one here so
it’s going to match the wire. And I set this in the center on 5/16, 8 mm, and I going to
run it like that. And I put the dies light
together and then machine flex the rest. I going to do this in probably about
four, four steps. I can go little faster. If you have
a speed control on your machine you can go any speed you want. The more you get used
to the bead roller the faster you can go. And don’t fight with the machine the machine
do the job. Just keep it constantly where it should be and the touching point is down
there. Like that. Now we have 90 degrees. I going to switch the bottom die so I can bend it
45 degrees more. So I just changed the dies here so I have an a 55 degrees die here on
this side. So and the same die on the top so you see how I adjust it there. So that
means that when I go in here now I must go in the same track as before, but I can lift
it up much more than before. So that means that we can bend it much more than 90 degrees. So but you must be careful here so you go
in the same spot. So I’m looking at the top
wheel this time. So I go in the same track as before and I need to do this in, in a few
more steps. I do one more time there. So this time I hold my hand up and hold the sheet all the way
up to the top the die there. There we go. So you see we have a little curve on this
side now. But I don’t think it doesn’t matter because when we fold this over it’s, it’s
going to be pretty straight and when we have the wire in you can actually bend it little
if you want. So what I going to do now I going to go over to the sandbag and lock the wire
in here and then I going roll it in the bead roller to round it around the wire. So here I am over at the sandbag.
And I using the sandbag to put the dolly on because it’s a
really good work table. The dolly stays here, it moves little but it stays. But if you put
the dolly on the table it moves everywhere. So what I did here in the start I lock the
wire in there. So it’s stays there and then I do little hammer so the wire continue to
stay there. So a little tricky there in the end,
but it came out nice there. So I think that should be, be fine there.
I can do little adjustment here in the beginning. Like that. So now the wire stays there. Now
I go over to the bead roller and I already set up my second bead roller. It’s good to
have two bead rollers. No, I’m just joking. You need one, that’s all you need. So what
I going to use now is the flat die on the bottom, and a female die on the top. And what
I going to do here I can start like that, and push it in there. And you can see that it was pretty close with
everything there. So now it’s really rolled it over there. What I going to do now I going
to change the dies in the bead roller to special dies for ’33, ’34 Ford and I can show you
the trick. So now I have changed the dies in the bead roller. This is a special die that is made for
’33, ’34 Ford wire edge. So this will create the bead that we going
to make. And when I turn this down you can see that little hole there that’s where the
wire’s going to go. So what I going to do I feed the wire there
in first I probably need to open this up. Let’s see first; 1, 2. So I put that in and 1 and 2. So put the, the die light together so I know where I am and I have a good start there now.
So I keep the panel flat. And then I going to run it there. So now you can see how this
one looks like on the side that comes out. There you go. So here I am over at the fender
again, so you can see the piece that I made. And it only took a few minutes to do. And
here we have a piece that I have done before and I had repaired this fender and weld it
in and it came out really nice. And this was the tips and tricks for the day for
the YouTube and if you would like to follow us more go to
See you there.

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