Metal Music Midwest promos for January 2018

Metal Music Midwest promos for January 2018

Hello everyone, very excited to be here
I’m going to tell you about some of the promos that I have just gotten to the
metal music Midewest site all right let’s kick things off with the
band Commander form Munich will released their new album be a black sunset
it will feature nine songs okay the next one it’s the band called beldam from
Seattle and they’re streaming your album has sung the HPG D band camp site so go
check that out is streaming now we have the Finnish band the hypotheses they
just released their brand new lyric video Illusions now so go check that out
it’s under a YouTube channel very good stuff I just listened to it it’s awesome
I just move on down the band vantablack warship just released a brand new video
it’s a lyric video for the song another dead rock star and it will be off their
new release album called abrasive Pulmic Speak so go check that out
very cool I checked it out awesome lyric video alright let’s move on down the
band frost giant is streaming their new album the harlot star that’s be a
decibel website or you can purchase the album at transcending records website
okay moving on down what the next one is alright from Sweden blood harvest
records they are gonna reissue up scenes sermon of the snake on cassette and
that’s coming up February 16 2018 next one doom metal band apostille of
solitude they’re streaming your new song my heart is leaving here
via decibel magazine is a song from their upcoming album from gold to ash so
go check that out very cool stuff alright next up we have the band black
space riders very cool band they’re streaming their entire album on Amorentum
Volume one exclusively on their YouTube channel and then finally the band the UK
melodic man apparition just released a brand new lyric radio break the chains
it’s off – after a new album the upcoming album is the awakening and it’s
throughout February second 2018 alright guys so I hope you like this promos this
is all full of a metal music Midwest site spreading the word helping you
succeed I’ll see you on the next one bye

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  1. It is a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth, all to delight, but from the pilgrims everyone sees it differently, depending on the place where it is located. ;-))

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