Metal Gear Solid – The Movie [HD] Full Story

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  1. Even though I beat this game back on ps1 an know the storyline, I would still love to see a great Hollywood movie based on it.

  2. Damm, i still playing this game after 19 years since the day i played for the first time. Good stories never dies.

  3. A yo what's good, Hood?! I have accomplished the mission a myriad of times utilizing the original Sony Playstation and emulators for experimental experience, some operations were so captivating that I should have captured the strategically tactical orchestration that had occurred..

    However, this footage ALMOST nostalgically highlights the same Course Of Action that I and I, or anyone else for that mater, perhaps would have embarked, regardless of the different scenarios.

    So with all that being said, your upload is appreciated. By the way, download Zello, de que se le puede interesar también. Really though, truly yo! ¡ Bendito, wepa, pa' que tu sepa!

  4. If you want the MGS Soundtrack. I found this to be a really good download site for OST's from various games such as the MGS series, Bioshock series and others.

  5. “I've used a gun like this since I was 8. I'm more comfortable with it than I am with a bra. " (takes mag out of a bra)

  6. This is no doubt the best game ever. The story line is truly unmatched. I played this in 1999 back in high school fond memories.

  7. In reality this game was not about nukes, but during this time era the United States government was probably trying to figure how to kidnap children and send them to Jeffrey Epstein Island while Harvey Weinstein was molesting kids in Hollywood.

  8. 59:39 "LIAR"

    LOL my favorite part. And I love fact that Hal was actually tricked into building a nuclear weapon, as opposed to Emma and Sokolov who knew exactly what they were making and later decided it was wrong.
    "Hey I need you to build a weapon that's able to launch nukes anywhere undetected and censore/manipulate the flow of digital information"
    Scientist: "Ok, cool".

  9. Konami should have made this game shot for shot instead of Metal Gear Survive. But more then likely they would’ve F’d it up without Hideo Kojima.

  10. This was very well localised. Better than the others even tho Kojima never liked hayter or this Dub that's just cause he's the creator, Stephen King hates the shining movie but his own movie was trash, still his book is one of the greats. Just saying. The original creator does not always know what's beat for their series.
    This never sounds awkward but the dialogue later well "we managed avoid drowning" it got clunky, not bashing his work, I adore every game in mgs, maybe just not metal gear acid

  11. Metal Gear : Liquid Ass , Starring Die Hardmen , Big Mamma Jamma, Suspec Onfoo, Harvey Scurvins, Mike Mc Nipples and Fuck Of Frank, Co Starring Dickface Karnivore

  12. I tried turning up the video quality from 480 to 720 but realized afterwards it’s kinda pointless…still a fun game tho

  13. this is way better than twin snakes, they upgraded the graphics to poop blobs and cut the action/dialogue to make it cheesy and lame. this is the raw legendary hideo.

  14. Davids always been a full on thot huh.. I don't have time to play anymore so watching this when I feel down does wonders for my heart!

  15. If youve never played this before.. treat it like a Marvel movie and watch to the very end! Otherwise you might miss the single most important plot twist on earth. Youll thank me later..

  16. "It would be wise not to underestimate him. In battle he is as if possessed by a demon" Vulcan knew what was up more than anyone.

  17. The game that changed gaming forever and people don't show it enough appreciation or even realise how it changed gaming to where we are now, MGS started it all. It's a shame Snake didn't get to live the rest of his life in peace with Meryl as he said he would… The leak of the Rex data changed that for him, just could hide away from the fight and in the end freed the world of The Patriot's control! This series doesn't need a throw away 2 hour long movie, it needs a big budget tv series, the likes the like HBO could deliver! We aren't getting anymore games apparently and younger generations are going to forget about MGS, a kick ass tv series of the whole story (and more) is so needed!

  18. I remember being too thick to know what he meant by "her frequency being on the back of the cd case" so pretty much tried hundreds of frequencies till I found the right one by chance.

  19. Snake: Who are you?
    Stranger: just call me deepthroat…
    Me: " Google deepthroat" well that's enough internet for me today ??

  20. I wish they would of remastered this game and put it out for PS4, this was the first video game that had me saying "this is the best video game I ever played"

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