Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

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  1. "She asked me to tell you something; I've never seen someone with such clear eyes…also you're both being set up by the U.S. government in a bungled attempt to recover a hundred billion dollars from a disfigured Russian body builder, but we don't have to talk about that."

  2. One of my favorite video games growing up the storyline was so intense, jack aka snake was considered the greatest hero during the cold war, he and his metor the big boss fell in love, but she defected to the Soviet Union because of her loyalty to her old cobra unit, but somewhere down the line she regretted it so it only seemed fitting that her favorite pupil should be the one to take her place as the new big boss, she was deffinently one of a kind, but what so ironic is that snake had a similar revelation at the end of the movie, which will you decide beliefs or loyalty to you're country, integrity or following orders when you've seen so much you start to see things in a different light✌

  3. Reflecting back on all he went through, it's no wonder there was bad blood between Zero and Big Boss. It felt like the US and Zero were just using B.Boss to just feather a nest egg for themselves.

  4. my fav franchise of all time….will we ever see snake again? id give my life…. not for honor, shit not even for you…. but for another snake eater lol

  5. Who else had these two recurring thoughts while playing this game?
    1. What a collection of freaks!!
    2. I wonder if there's really military battles going on right now that we don't know about with genetically modified mutants in real life?

  6. Look at the scene where ocelot is first introduced and you'll see he wears a captain uniform yet he calls himself a major

  7. This was the one that first introduced me to the franchise, and by far my favorite story in the whole saga.

  8. The Sorrow always made me so curious the first time I played, I always thought there was more to him than shown and honestly I find him to still be the strangest character in the franchise

  9. Thanks a lot for the vid, really nice work, so well cut and stuff for this amazing game (my favorite series ever)

  10. ima actually kind of mad that none of cobras unit was explained. talking to major and others with codec explains so much shit its sad you didn't put that in

  11. The Axis were never the enemy.
    The corrupt disgusting democracies and evil communist regimes were always the enemy.
    Declaring war on Germany for declaring war on Poland because they refused to give back ethnic German land that has been stolen and given away to the newly partitioned Polish State after WW1.
    Siding with China and provoking a war with Japan.
    Fuck The Allies!!
    Fuck The Comintern!!!

  12. This is first game i played in the metal gear saga and the only game I played among all the other metal gear game. this one is very special for me.

  13. All of this nostalgia. I wish they would make a TRUE HD remake of this game for the current generation of consoles. Up to date graphics, maybe a DLC or two….Lol. Wishful thinking.

  14. "Snake…history will never know what she did…no one will ever know the truth. Her story. Her debriefing will endure only j your heart." Gets me. Every. Damn. TIME.

  15. The video duration is 4:20:*45*
    My day is ruined. Everytime. Everywhere I go. Everytime I take a step. My day is always ruined

  16. One of the best muthafuckin games of our generation period during the ps3 era or of our time and amazing game storyline period ??‍♂️

  17. The CQC Cutscene Are Legendary and Snake Getting 2 CQC Knife Kills On Gru Noobs And Destroying The Gru Dude With The Most Intense slam move ever

  18. rofl at 57:20 when Eva induces herself and the corny jazzy porn music starts with Snake perving over her and looking at her tits

  19. Fun fact: The english voice actor for The Boss (Lori Alan) is also the long-running voice of Pearl on spongebob.

  20. A game of this movie will be cool… I have a idea, just like Castlevania
    This could be a third game and a pre-quel… And named by… Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    All i want is nobody copy my idea

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