Metal Gear Rising Raiden VS Sam (Boss Fight Video Walkthrough)

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  1. I was so into this game that i said to my self i'll never cheat at this game without me finishing the walkthough so basically this fucking game dont let me kill sam even tho his life is 0.01 and like i have no more potions or whatever you wanna call it then i keep on hitting but nothing happens i already ate lately saying "Mom give me a minute" just to finish this goddamn boss and it's just all the waste now cant blame me gotta cheat now fuck this fucking thing

  2. Sam pound for pound was the best fighter in the game barring armstrong. Besides his hand and an exo suit that's probably on par with snakes octocamo muscle suit, Sam was all natural so when he fought and beat MGS4 level Raiden it was simple overwhelming skill beating expensive cybernetics. Even here Raiden with his updated cybernetics has trouble defeating the all too human Sam. Sam is an example of the highest human potential

  3. Sam actually didn't die, they were going to use him in the next game having him work for the company raiden worked for, but kojimas gone so that will never happen

  4. Sam is a million times cooler than Raiden ever will be.

    That white haired fairy needed enhancements just to beat Sam, as well as plot induced stupidity.

  5. I believe Sam's sword, the Murasama is based off the Muramasa swords. These Katanas were violent, forged by the ill-minded violent student of Masamune, Muramasa. Muramasas cut anything they came into contact with since the violent intent of Muramasa was forged into the swords, often hurting everyone around the sword, even it's wielder. In fact, due to several loses in the Shogun's family and an arm injury due to Muramasas, they were banned from use, so these weapons were even known as demonic swords or "evil weapons". Many plays of Muramasa are in videogames, often being the most powerful swords in the game or on anime, like the Murasame and the Murasama.

  6. Raiden has faced and beaten plenty of enemies. Vamp, sundowner, Armstrong, even wolverine. But his greatest accomplishment was this mind blowing motherfucking battle

  7. one of the most clever character details.

    Sam sword is ejected from its sheath via Gunpowder, making it reliably reasonable for him to DRAW faster than any one he challenges. Whoever thought of that design metaphor is a genius.

  8. I played this boss all the time I learned the patterns but it takes a little while to get the patterns right it me about like three months to get them right

  9. The thing is Sam or Samuel his full first name is not really a complete cyborg for he still have human blood and a heart meaning he can still die

  10. I wished you could use Raiden’s unarmed fighting stance from the first stage of Armstrong’s fight at any time. For shits and giggles. But also when Sam is disarmed, you can put away your weapon and it’d just be a Samurai vs Ninja fist fight.

  11. This boss was in my opinion the best or equal to armstrong
    My reasoning is that he forced you to stay both on ur defense and offense while switching back and forth from slashing or running
    Armstrong was aggressive so he would charge instead of waiting for ur attacks
    Either u fight back or die
    Wish we could see more for jetstream
    Outside the dlc

  12. A bit of an unforseen error in the creation of the game:
    No matter what, Sam will always have the gash in his suit during the ending cutscene of the fight. He gets that gash after fighting Raiden without his sword.
    However, if you fight Sam in Revengeance difficulty, "perfect parry" damage is massively increased since it's harder to pull off. But, if you manage to Perfect Parry Sam before he loses his sword, he entirely skips that part of the fight since it instantly reduces him to about 40% health. Sam has surprisingly low health for a boss and unlike other bosses, does NOT immediately block Perfect Parries (Sundowner, Monsoon, Armstrong and Mistral all block Perfect Parries). He just immediately starts doing charge moves and other final phase attacks. Despite that, he will still have the gash in his suit during the ending cutscene, but NOT during the final blow during the fight.

  13. If me, since Sam is a real worthy opponent to be honored as a samurai, i use only raiden default blade to fight against him and simply fight until whose hp bar drop 0 first even it make me to retry many times lmao

  14. Me: Parries Sam’s sword away from him

    Me: ok this fight was hard but now it’ll get easier, right?

    Sam: Yippity Horheit, your life is now forfeit.

  15. This is what happens when you freekill from other players and finally able to kill the Yasuo on your own that has a score of 25/0/13

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