Metal Gear MSX review | the road to Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear MSX review | the road to Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid the blockbuster hit for
the original PlayStation. A game that not only reignited the Metal Gear series but
also the stealth genre as a whole making it one of the most influential cinematic releases of all time let’s go back to where it all began and see how this legendary title came to be in 1986 Hideo Kojima a young aspiring game designer joined Konami despite wanting to work in the arcade division he ended up as a planner on the MSX team. The MSX was a home computer standard with a good
following in a number of countries and strong support by Konami. The limitations of the MSX forced the team to think outside the box and come up with fresh
gameplay mechanics. It was in this environment that Kojima had his first
shot at an ambitious project inspired by classic war movies like the Guns of
Navarone. He came up with a Prison Break game where the player has to avoid enemy
guards instead of engaging them in combat the concept was received with
skepticism inside Konami since at that time popular war themed games almost
always had an emphasis on action and violence but after changing the concept
from escaping to infiltration the project got greenlit Metal Gear for the msx2 hit store shelves in 1987 Deep in South Africa a military nation
threatens the world with a top-secret WMD it’s up to rookie soldier Solid
Snake from special forces unit Foxhound to destroy this walking nuclear battle
tank known only as Metal Gear under the command of Foxhound leader big boss snake infiltrates the military fortress Outer Heaven armed only with a pack of
smokes his first assignment is to find the missing agent Gray Fox the game
encourages players to sneak past enemy guards and avoid the countless traps
relying on their instincts and a few hints from Big Boss who keeps you
updated via transceiver During the mission you’ll acquire new weapons and equipment like security cards, a mine detector, remote-controlled missiles and the infamous cardboard box all of which are required to penetrate deeper into the fortress consisting of three buildings which make for a solid four
hours of gameplay but snakes mission doesn’t end without
some hiccups. At one point in the game snake is captured and stripped of all
his equipment after successfully escaping from the prison cell. One of the
boss is known as shotgunner awaits him and with his special ability perhaps a
blueprint for the bosses of future Metal Gear titles although the fights themselves still had a long way to go snake has to free hostages to increase his class a higher class not only enables him to carry more ammo and rations but you actually need a four star class level to complete the
game. The hostages also provide you with secret Intel for example the location of
dr. Petrovich a scientist and creator of Metal Gear regarded as very
knowledgeable in the area of robotics his inventions were meant to help
mankind but ultimately ended up being used to create a weapon of mass
destruction a theme which would carry over to many
future titles Metal Gear captured the imagination of the players with its
intriguing storyline an unexpected plot twist The hide-and-seek gameplay
combined with a great soundtrack added a sense of tension not often seen in games
until that point although it was still relatively simple in its execution
various themes and gameplay elements that would later reappear in middle Gear
Solid were already in place. and if you want to know what happens here you really have to play the game yourself Metal Gear got ported to the NES by a
different team but they clearly weren’t on the same wavelength with Kojima’s
original vision changes were made to the storyline and level design which weren’t necessarily improvements probably the strangest decision was to swap Metal Gear out for a giant mainframe in one of the final boss battles but despite those changes the NES port became a big hit for Konami resulting in an exclusive NES
sequel snake’s revenge as it was not made by Kojima snakes revenge is not
considered to be a part of the official Metal Gear Canon Kojima had no intention to make a sequel himself until he met a member of snakes revenge his
development team who told him he’d love to see a true sequel led by the original
creator. Kojima wrote the basic outline for Metal Gear 2 that same day a game that would be released in 1990 again for the MSX Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake features an integral plot dr. Kio Marv develops
Oilix the answer to the world’s energy supply crisis but he’s kidnapped by
agents of Zanzibar land with its nuclear weapons and the secret of OiliX they plan to achieve global military domination or so we presume but what is
big boss is true intent?! this compelling adventure takes place four years after the events of the original Metal Gear once again the player controls Solid
Snake through a dangerous espionage mission familiar characters like grey
fox and dr. Petrovich return and are given more backstory while then newcomers Roy Campbell and master Miller were introduced A fun piece of trivia all character portraits were based on celebrities from Bob
Hoskins to Einstein to Sean Connery this true sequel pushed the series a giant step forward in just about every way especially where puzzles are concerned
among them were temperature sensitive keys meeting a female spy in the
lavatory and sneaking through ventilation shafts sounds familiar doesn’t it!? the AI of the guards was also given a huge upgrade They could now detect suspicious noises and had a wider field of vision which fixed one of the
shortcomings in the original game another new addition was the radar which reveals nearby enemies although it gets jammed while in alert mode which forces
snake to use his new crawl ability to take cover until the enemy loses sight
of him all the improvements led to even more compelling gameplay and gave the
stealth element a more prominent role the stylistic storytelling aspect of the
Metal Gear series really started to take shape in this installment. It was also
the first game in the series to use the term tactical espionage. Kojima continued to work for Konami and made critically acclaimed titles like snatcher and
policenauts both adventure games that showcased
Kojima’s love for cinema in both titles the gameplay takes the backseat to make
way for more elaborate storytelling snatcher in particular makes reference
to Metal Gear in a number of ways and Policenauts is notable for
introducing the character Meryl Silverburgh by the mid-90s it was time for the retired soldiers Solid Snake to make his comeback in 3d Kojima could build upon the foundation of his earlier work using the proven
action and puzzle elements from the first two Metal Gear titles by infusing
it with the cinematic flare of snatcher and policenauts The Metal Gear Solid was initially developed for the 3do cd-rom system but poor sales of the system forced Konami to shift development over to Sony’s new
console the PlayStation this gave Kojima the time to rethink his
original concept and perfect it they even went as far as consulting military experts to achieve a high level of authenticity in 1998 Metal Gear Solid finally hits shelves receiving rave reviews and countless awards setting a high expectation for production value in video games with top-notch voice acting
and an astonishing attention to detail making the Metal Gear series one of
Konami’s most lucrative franchises and catapulting Hideo Kojima into stardom
but if it wasn’t for the humble beginnings on the MSX the series may
never have seen the light of day

54 thoughts on “Metal Gear MSX review | the road to Metal Gear Solid

  1. Awesome video!  Metal Gear 1 is still a great classic. I played both versions (there also a C64 and PC port) and the MSX is superior but the NES port either (even there is something missing in the end ^_^). Snake's Revenge is a strange title but it's still playable. But you're right this game (and Ghost Babel) are "removed" from the offiical Metal Gear time line. Metal Gear 2 is maybe the best MSX(2) game ever made and everybody has to play it (with the fan translation)). For me Metal Gear Solid (and the updated Twin Snakes) is still the best Metal Gear of all time!

  2. Great video, nice scene with Michael Biehn looking at that picture of Metal Gear! Snake… turn off your MSX right now!

  3. Another  excellent video, my friends! While some players may find the original Metal Gear games a bit hard to go to sometimes, they're an important piece of gaming history, and honestly have held up far better than many similarly aged titles. Once again, a great job, guys!

  4. Love the visual presentation in this one. Fits the games very well. Thanks for this Episode! It was a pleasure to watch.
    Beside that Metal Gear was always a series I'm highly interested in but could'nt get in to it. May I give the GameCube remake finally a chance… to figure it out.

  5. Another great video. I don't think I have to say how superb the editing is. The essence of the video, the commentary, was pretty interesting. I always ignored Snatchers relevance to MGS so thanks for that. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

  6. What love and passion!
    You know this video is doing something VERY much right when I suddenly have the mood to play through the entire series starting with the first MSX game…
    So far I didn't even know the first one was really for MSX first, not for NES…

  7. Michael Beihn in his heyday would have been the perfect Snake. Got a kick out of the scene from Terminator with the MG plans. Amazing video as always!

  8. how do you not have a massive amount of view and subscribers, i realize video game videos on youtube are saturated but this channel is so well done and polished it should be high on the minds of viewers

  9. Excellent video, I have the NES games still and loved they finally included the original versions in the Subsistence release of MGS3.

  10. 1:40 I love the editing where Kyle Reese is looking at Metal Gear. I'd totally would watch a whole video where he is on a mission edited like Metal Gear.

  11. I love that you used Michael Biehn for your thumbnail. Such a legend.

    Ugh, I just remembered they are in the process of making a feminized version of The Terminator and it looks awful. God I miss the 80s. The first two will always be the best.

  12. This is high end production, great video. It's amazing how incredible MG2SS looked for a game from 1990, way ahead of it's time.

  13. metal gear instead of sarah lol. kojima inspired terminator solders. shame to kojima never chance a terminator game.

  14. MGS on the 3DO…interesting. I wonder if any part of the game was made and if any of the code still exists. I would love to play the original 2 games (never really had the opportunit). I know they were released on a compilation in English…I just can't remember which machine or disc set (I think it was Snake Eater re-release on PS3). My fiance and I are huge gamers and we have two of every console including the enhanced versions of the current gen.

    Perhaps one day they will re-release these on a current machine. I'm not holding my as Konami can't be counted on for anything anymore.

  15. Actually own a physical copy of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2 complete with the original box, cartridge, floppy disk for saves, and the manual its my favorite game in the Metal Gear series but I admit that Metal Gear Solid is a REALLY close second being that I grew up with it when it came out in late 1998, I remember wondering what the previous game to MGS1 was like back then as the game never released in the states until years later but was definitely worth it when I did play through it one of the best games ever made easily

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