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  1. I think they should have been clearer on the fact that that this new metal foam was not strong through rigidity, but rather through elasticity. I worked it out thanks to the talk about bulletproof vests and bumpers. Honestly, you can't compare this material to steel or aluminum very well, they have completely different uses.

  2. @ivanmeili Sure it did. But a hint is different from flat-out saying it, which they should have done considering they spent a lot of the video (probably due to editing) implying the opposite.

    On top of that, I think there's at least one horrible analogy per video with scientists because they're trying so hard to dumb it down, and then the analogy doesn't fit. This could easily have been that analogy, it just wasn't – in fact, it was the most apt analogy in the whole video. 🙂

  3. Let's see, an Arab woman changed the face of the automobile industry, space, medicine and construction. Too bad SHE'S NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE TO WORK!?!?!? This just goes to prove the potential to which ALL people can excel if given the chance.

  4. We are very glad that you are here at North Carolina State University. Congratulations on an extreme job, very well done.

  5. There are aluminum that floats on water I'm not so sure how maybe they used baking soda. This is very interesting but the process could be very expensive. How do you make hollow steel balls cheaply? Nano manufacturing process of two half spears balling up with applied heat?

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