Metal family Сезон 1 Серия 6(ЦЕНЗУРНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ)

Quest Well. It’s here Unforgettable experiences! [Cursed Castle] Mysterious and macabre atmosphere! [Cursed Castle] Hardest puzzles and great acting! [Cursed Castle] Cursed castle… Or lock It would be more accurate.
Because there definitely will be puzzles with locks Hello! Did you book time of the game? Yes. At 2:30 pm Please come to a waiting room. Have a nice game. Wow! It is like at home Curlton told me that he shitted himself on that quest. Interesting, where exactly did it happen? And why do you want to know that? Wanna see the place his shit was? Kids! Watch your mouth. We don’t use foul in public. I didn’t say anything… One said “shit”, other one repeated! And because of you I will.. Oh Everything is okay.
It’s just an educational process Please, sit on the sofa. Tea and coffee are free. Your game will begin in a couple of minutes. Please pay attention to our rules of conduct of our quest Don’t break or wrest anything from walls and ceiling. Each construction that implies mechanical action doesn’t require much muscle power. If puzzle becomes too hard, there is a hint-button in each room. Game implies two teams. And there is four of you. You can split up into teams “parents vs children” or “girls vs boys”. Hey! It will be three of us vs mum! Oh, right! Have a good game! Weirdo… Weird family. Father’s look gives me the shudders… Faster. It’s your turn What a perfect timing. Everyone got sick And left two of us to take the shift Okay, I am ready. Watch the screens. Yeah If there are two teams then they are rivals. And that means that one team loses and another one wins. Well, it’s obvious. Quest is the Labyrinth. First one who escapes is the winner. OOOHHH! You though you came here to play!? It’s like Autopsy’s cover Yeah. “The Headless Ritual” SHUT UP! AND LISTEN TO ME! F***. Follow me Only one team will leave this place and will save their miserable lives! Are you ready?! So, let’s go downstairs Imagine if they entice people to play the quest but instead kill them! That’s true I’ve been looking for this place for a long time… Hundreds of human lives were ended here That’s why I didn’t leave my cell phone in case if… Shhhh! This place full of ancient magic Beware, warrior. Keep your blade ready Yes, my King! What King?! Did you join the Alliance? Who are you then? I am Lich and you are deadman who I raised Yes, master! Lord or whoever you are… It looks pretty clear. Door is closed and we need to find some secret lever to pull and the door will open That’s right, Vicky I saw one movie and there you had to pull a brick to open a door Oh, I jumped out that way before.. Phew What a cheap trick! I almost smashed knuckles Probably they tried to divert your attention Oh, right! They want to distract me. I am on the right way. Let’s pull this Nah, it’s permanent. What about that? Shit! We will waste all the time for these bricks. That brick looks… Don’t help! Let me handle this. If I wanted to hide a brick… If I were a brick… What’s this? Vicky, you did it! You pulled right brick! No, I did not simply pull it, I wrested it. “No muscle power” They know how to confuse. I go first in case… A! Why so long? I and Heavy played “necrofeces” for 15 minutes And where is he now? Help-me! Help-me! F***ing elevator separated me and my brother! …F***ing shit Heavy? Hm. In the middle of the game teams get mixed up
and Vicky and Heavy are our opponents now And Dee solved all the puzzles. I didn’t even understand what he was doing It means that now we have equal chances. Because your mum is here! In that room with your dad I solved hardest puzzle about the brick! And dad was just staying. He didn’t even understand how I did it Аn dextra metasursum. At first up, then to the right. Guess what? Here is Latin dictionary If we didn’t know Latin we would have to look for the book we need Here are some words. Maybe it means something Don’t be stupid They just try to confuse you Holy shit! That sledgehammer was welded to the wall How to turn on a microphone? There is button next to the Reset. Reset.. Reset… Mum? And that is the key to the way out Yeah, but when Dee moved forward,
every time it was followed with… Not that. That was Reset. You reloaded the game. You need next button It’s the sign, isn’t it? Any doubts? Light! I see the outside! I thought it would be boring Madam! Please put down the sledgehammer and don’t use force! Building is old. “And don’t pull the bricks” Oh, God! We need to stop her! Call the police Well, I guess I can get through it already It’s still too narrow to me. You go. I’ll break it a little more and then will follow you Stop the game! One sec… I just find the key It is Autopsy! If he comes in before we leave, then we lose! Crap, you can’t get through the hole yet! What do we do? Look at me, Heavy It’s team game And as we are in one team we have to stand for each other Because if team loses each of us loses Game is over Break the wall! I’ll hold the door! What the hell? Faster! Hit higher! One more time! Ready! F*** Are you okay? Yeah What the f***?! Did you finish before us? Yes After mixing teams me and dad set new record and finished quest in 2 minutes 14 seconds How did you break the wall so fast? You shouldn’t break… We had different tasks Actually it is unfair But you know what? Despite on you were faster, I and Heavy were cooler… We were The Team Yeah You went through quest fast but it was boring, I’m sure But I and Heavy had a lot of fun Indeed, mum You are absolutely right, Vicky. We were bored It’s because you don’t know how to play. Do you know how to… English subtitles by Oxana Gunchenko Thanks for the support!

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