Metal Fab Tech Tip: Pre-Stretch Metal Before Bead Rolling – Eastwood

Metal Fab Tech Tip: Pre-Stretch Metal Before Bead Rolling – Eastwood

and you guys that have done a lot of be growing i’m sure you’ve come across this problem like we’re showing right here have a nice flat paddle you lay all your beads out roll your beads perfectly straight you think everything is great you pull it out and well it’s just like this it’s all works and popping when you try to weigh it into the vehicle now a lot of guys have seen they tack-weld it and they hammered into submission and make it fit but in the end to fit and finish just isn’t really that nice i have one here that we’ve already done the same process and so it’s pretty darn flat we don’t have to force it into submission this is done with a process called prestretching which i’m going to show you on this other panel here I’ve already laid out the beads so we’re ready to go let’s walk over the English wheel will show you the process alright so we have our panel in the English wheel here with basically no tension on it i can slip it between the wheels and what we’re going to do is set the panel up pretty much centered in the wheel and we’re going to put it’s a moderate tension on it we want enough tension that we’re actually moving some metal so I got some moderate tension and i’m going to start rolling it we’re going to focus on basically about an inch on either side of this line this line is our center line of our bead we want to focus on stretching the metal right around that maybe an inch on either side so I’m going to roll this back and forth and full of times trying to basically just go right to my start and stop point keep the rolls nice and tracking nice and tight rather this we got these first two road i’m going to finish rolling these last three and we’re going to go over the bead roller will show you what we’re going to do then so as you can see by just wheeling each of these bead lines a little bit on either side of the bead line we have stretched the metal and giving us extra material for the bead to then use up we roll all these beads in the panel there’s a little bit of distortion in it now from using it in English wheel but once we throw these beads in here it’ll pretty much all flat now we won’t have that crazy oil canyon that we showed you on our on our test piece earlier let’s throw it in the bead roller and we’ll show you what it looks like the last beads road we put the panel in the Versa band and put two flanges on either side of the floor pan as you can see by prestretching before we rolled the beads and left us with a pan that’s almost perfectly flat now that we fit in the car you can see the finished product is very nice

5 thoughts on “Metal Fab Tech Tip: Pre-Stretch Metal Before Bead Rolling – Eastwood

  1. I don't get it. You stretch the metal before you use the bead roller. Now the bead roller stretches the metal some more. How does that offset ??

  2. That is actually helpful. I'm just about to replace the floor in my car and was looking at getting the bead roller but now I need a English wheel too

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