Metal Detecting Videos | What Was Found This Week

Metal Detecting Videos | What Was Found This Week

Hi, I’m DK with adventures in dirt Welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt pay the weekly dirts a weekly series I put on every Sunday where I bring you the best of what the metal detecting world has to offer I’m gonna show you some cool finds. I’m going to introduce you some great channels Maybe tell you about some events and giveaways going on right here in the metal detecting community that you need to know about So make sure you stay tuned for that. Hey a great week of digging out there and a bunch of my cohorts here from Colorado Traveled east that’s right to go check in with Charlie and the rest of the stealth diggers Let’s pick it up this week with them see what they were digging and see what they were up to Check it out the stealth diggers watch this Oh, that’s a beast, huh, good job Tim What kind of detector is he using it seems to be gas-powered? Yeah. Yeah, it’s an older model I just dug up a sweet little buckle. Oh, yeah Good and a little bit earlier Beanpot get some bean poor husband thinking. Oh you get part of that. We’re in thing. It’s old. Yes, that’s all that matters I just walked in for the completion of that extraction. I’ve been working on this for a while you have You’re an animal is that leather or iron I’m thinking this is iron The leather is missing that that would have been in here Part of a buggy or a wagon perhaps I’ll bet now here is something fascinating You just told me last night Showed me a picture. What did you dig up out west? Hill a Civil War Boot heel boogie. Yeah crazy and you just dug up a leather shoe out here. Yeah Wow Old guilt. I don’t know no way way knows She just dug the same button. Oh my god beautiful Wow Oh Beauty bill. Oh Wow, it was not alone serious right that she’s okay. I Was thinking it might have something to do with blacksmithing that I’m not sure I just got back and Beth just showed me something she dug after her spoon extraction, that is an absolutely fantastic find oh, Man, not only do you have the handle but you got the lock? Hey, how about that bill happy birthday to you, sir? I always love it when Shaq West heads out east to go check in with Shaq East It’s always a great collaboration and this week was an awesome episode. There’s about three episodes so far You can go over there Check out links down below the stealth diggers go over there become a fan become a sub and go give them a big thumbs up and say hey great to See Colorado representing out east there. That’s right. Everyone go. Check them out the stealth diggers great job They always love it when bronze-age comes up I’m telling you 3,000 year old items who doesn’t like that and you can find them with a metal detector Amazing. Check it out this week from a great Channel Tara germanium. Check this out. Watch this Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel thank you for tuning in Two years ago, I started to volunteer on an archaeological excavation The occasion of the dig was to monitor a construction on ancient land My job was to detect marked test pits before the digger got into action But also to examine the Planum and later the spoil leaves Detecting the spoil Gibbs was very exhausting. I Struggled to keep my balance and to avoid slipping But also mentally it was demanding as I had to dig a lot of trash Do you know these times in detecting where you have lost all your hope and confidence in the side? I was exactly at this point and I used the break to readjust my mindset and yeah, after the spread I started again and after a short while I received a strong signal and depth and instantly Yeah, thoughts about the next coke can came into my mind, but not this time take a look what I found This is a mind-blowing flanged exit from the middle Bronze Age and the dates around 1500 BC The epic is called hill grass culture Wow Bronze Age axe had 3,500 years old just an amazing discovery great story there Hey, if you guys aren’t a fan of Terra, Germania links down below You got to go check out that channel always on the goods finding some very old ancient artifacts Great Channel, go give him a look Terra Germania great job. Hey, Mike over at MA lineman 24 is all he’s doing some great things for the community and this time it’s no different He actually has a silent auction going on over there I’ll put a link down below. You can go over there and get involved in it what he’s doing He’s taking all the money He earns here on YouTube through super chats and through Auctions and through some raffles that he’s doing and he’s giving it away to some lucky individual By buying their groceries in this holiday season. How cool is that? Mike incredibly generous of you? I’m telling you you guys can support him by heading over his channel and getting involved links down below to the silent auction You can go over there and learn everything about it Go give it a look and get involved and support Mike with MA lime in 24. Great job, man Hey, let’s stay over in that part of the world and check in with adventure digging. That’s right He came up on a silver horde. It’s an amazing discovery. Check this out Adventure digging boy. You’re not gonna believe this watch this I’m having a very very special evening It’s a great dig a guy called me up he ordered some ground and He found this big silver coin and he said to me well I found this coin Maybe you want to go over the ground and it’s really a tiny little bit of ground and I went over the ground for 30 seconds. I Found another big silver coin now this is the coin the guy found then I Found this one another silver coin So you have another signal here, let’s look We’ve got another coin Coin number two in the pocket. So there must be more so far the coolest hunt ever I’m over the moon really There he is another I think it’s a Zealandia the This is crazy Again, we have silver For coins stuck to each other Another silver There’s another one, right here I Think already 15 points came out small and big ones another huge silver coin Now look at that We weighed it and it’s half a kilo of silver We ended up with a pile of coins already and there’s more to come Wow Congratulations an absolutely amazing job. Keneally’s awesome job everyone. If you’re not a fan links down below go check them out Adventure digging just always on the goods, but this discovery was something special find of a lifetime Go give him a look go give him a big thumbs up telling me a song right here on the weekly dirt Adventure digging go check it out. Hey, how many you swinging the equinox out there? I’m telling you what Marky Mark metal detecting is having a cool giveaway where he’s giving away some Graphite shafts for the equinox some cool accessories for the equinox But he’s also giving away a pin pointer for those of you that don’t have an equinox as part of his giveaway I’ll put a link down below to the giveaway. You head over there. Check it out and get involved Good luck to everybody Marky Mark metal detecting go give him a low pay in 1946 The Philippines gained its independence from the United States and a lot of the jewelers over there Commemorated it by making these hand-carved rings for some of the soldiers that were coming back to the United States Mike over at metal detecting North Carolina was able to discover one of these rings just this week Check it out this week metal detecting, North Carolina. Watch this It might be something it might be nothing oh Yeah, buddy 48 but check the plug again See there look at that spill, it’s a forty one. I Found my first Walker Awesome. Hey, I’m sorry about the wind but I just had a quarter signal winds up being a ring Sir It looks to be silver to me, I’ll clean it up and get a better look at it And I can’t really make out what it says, I think it says Mary Lou I Can’t be sure I’ll have to look it up later that ring is an interesting piece of history because it’s hand-carved and It came from the Philippine is dated 1946 Philippines got their independence on July 4th 1946 In commemoration a lot of Filipino jewelers were making hand-carved rings and things like that to sell to the soldiers the soldiers brought them back and eventually, they Lost one in seventy years later I come and dig it up. Wow, Mike just an important piece of history. They’re so cool You’re able to find that hand-carved ring gray. I mean cool silver – right, but that ring really took it. Congratulations Everyone head on over there. Give them big thumbs up. Tell them. Hey, congratulations great piece of history You saved there Mike metal detecting North Carolina go give them a look links down below. Hey, I’d like to encourage You become a subscriber here and adventures in dirt. Make sure you hit that subscribe button right there We’d love to have you here as part of the family get involved Make sure you turn on the Bell notification check out these videos. I picked them out for you. I think you’ll enjoy them Everyone have yourself a great week. I’ll see you next Sunday. I’m DK with adventures in dirt

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  1. Great video, some great finds out there thanks for sharing, Love watching your video's every week thank you for sharing. All the best from Canada!!

  2. Wow great finds from great channels. That pile of silvers was awesome & the ring was a piece of history. Good show Ken. The Bronze Age ax was fabulous.

  3. Gas powered lmao! Great Birthday! Bronze age axehead! Awesome. Will check that channel out. Great silver finds. Love this montage. NC first walker! Love to find those bucket listers ! Awesome ring had no idea about that. Keep swingin'!

  4. Great great episode this week. I love catching up on some INCREDIBLE metal detecting vids from the week. Keep on digging yall.

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